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Jalan Sisi Muar Shielded hawker corridor is a waste of money

Muar city council blocks out a half section of Jalan Sisi for RM 3 million shielded hawker corridor for six months without any consultation with the business owners in the section.

Muar city council may want these businessmen, mostly Chinese to commit suicide for six month closure.

The truth is there is a multi-million ringgit MARA trading center at the Muar riverbank located less than 200 meters away. The MARA trading center is allocated 100% stalls to Malay businessmen and the center is deserted from day one.

Now UMNO hopes by shifting same businessmen to a Chinese street will make their businesses flourish.

Go dream for it if Muar city council is still using a same apartheid policy on hawker stall allocation.

Muar Chinese will boycott them naturally.

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Wajib says:

Satu lagi project bazir duit rakyat dari bn.
Only the bn contractors benefitted.