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Respect other one's faith. My English teacher paid for the price of being disrespect to Mazu.

This is a true story when I was in Form Two in a rural secondary school, located nearby a small town in the Muar suburban.

My English teacher, who is an English-educated Baba and also a free thinker like me. My classmate stayed next to the temple who witnessed the incident said my English teacher took down the Mazu statue from altar and played it on his hands.

He was punished on the spot, in tranced and became an official medium for Mazu deity afterwards.

My Baba teacher is totally handicapped in Mandarin, Hokkien and other Chinese dialects, but he spoke these langauges fluently when he acted as Mazu medium.

Actually, he was reluctant to be appointed as Mazu medium, but the super natural divine power drove him to the temple each afternoon after his teaching day.

I pity him because he is a psycho man, his brain already turned eccentric and damaged after being tortured and bullied when he was a pro-BN student in Malaya University in 70s.

He could not stand and live his new life as a medium for Mazu, eventually he asked to be transferred out to other school two or three years later.

The lesson learned is let respect the religions of other people even you are free thinker and believer from other faith.

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Sandy says:

Islamisation taking place at SJK (C) in Seremban?


1Malaysia = 1Halal for all schools?

Why MCA is so quiet here since they keep on making noise about hudud?