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When PM Najib can have myMoney club after myVoice?

BN hires 2000 cyber troopers who are doing dirty jobs for money is no match with 200,000 or more volunteers who either anti-BN, pro-PR or neutral.

As long as BN continues living in denial syndrome, Malaysians with brain will reject them no matter how many hired cyber troopers running wild in virtual world.

MyVoice to do cyber space battle against opposition

KUALA LUMPUR — MyVoice, the 1Malaysia Social Media Volunteers Club launched today, garnered more than 2,000 social media practitioners in its quest to do cyber space battle against falsehoods by the opposition.

MyVoice was launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during the 1Malaysia Social Media Convention held at the Putra World Trade Convention centre here.

Convention chairman Datuk Mohd Sharkar Shamsuddin said the club was open to all social media practitioners who rejected false politics and supported politics based on true information and facts.

“Those who have joined MyVoice are from the grassroots to famous bloggers, who will rebut all criticisms hurled by the opposition through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and so on,” he said to Bernama.

“We respect the internet as an open platform but it needs to include more positive information and agenda in it,” he added.

Mohd Shaukar said MyVoice would also promote the economic and political transformation agenda which has been and is still being carried out by the government. — BERNAMA

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Howard says:

Najib’s track record is truly abysmal and pathetic.
All talk, no delivery.
Flip-flop, U-turns and outright denials.
Beyond the slogan and fancy acronyms, there is zero substance.
Nation’s debt is not curbed but excessive and unnecessary spending is continued.
The fate of Greece is near horizon if BN is elected into power.
Please vote for 2 party system!

Sherry says:

Najib is thankful for people like nkkhoo to mess up Pakatan’s reform plan.

nkkhoo is so naive to believe in the phantom 3rd force.
Indirectly he is influencing people to keep BN in power.

What a wasted talent, if any.