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We also need another tribunal to investigate the roles played by Mahathir in 513 genocide

I do not deny Bush and Blair are Western evil forces, and charged them in the world court is more appropriate.

Do not forget also the black history on racial genocide happened in Malaysia. There were non-stop rumors saying Mahathir, Harun and Razak are black hands to topple Tengku Abdul Rahman.

The Malay mob was alleged being organized by these people to start killing Chinese and caused chaos in KL city for them to seize power through the military coup.

May be Western NGOs can lobby their governments to bring Mahathir to world court for his role in 513 racial riot.

Court finds Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes

Those who lobbied to have George W. Bush and Tony Blair tried for their role in the Iraq War have finally got their wish. Though the verdict of the court carries no legal weight, its supporters believe its symbolic value is beyond doubt.

The court in Malaysia where the trial took place may not have the power to convict, but the verdict against the former British and American leaders was unanimous.

“War criminals have to be dealt with – convict Bush and Blair as charged. A guilty verdict will serve as a notice to the world that war criminals may run but can never ultimately hide from truth and justice,” the statement from the Perdana Global Peace Foundation read.

The foundation was set up by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, who was always a staunch opponent of the war against the regime of Saddam Hussain in 2003. He previously branded Blair and Bush “child-killers”.

The tribunal, which consisted of a former federal judge and several academics, paid particular attention to the failure of the Western military to find a single weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. WMDs were cited by the Western coalition as a major reason for their military intervention. It also declared the war to be in contravention of the will of the United Nations.

“The evidence showed that the drums of war were being beaten long before the invasion. The accused in their own memoirs have admitted their intention to invade Iraq regardless of international law,” said the tribunal.

The tribunal has no powers of enforcement, and as yet there has been no response from Bush or Blair. But the Perdana Peace Foundation says it hopes to maintain pressure from the international community on the two leaders, both of whom have now retired from domestic politics.

Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld, the US Secretary of Defence during the Iraq War, is next on the list to have his case heard by the mock court.

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Slam says:

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was allowed to become a Malay by the constitution, played the race and religious card to the hilt to fool the Malays so as to remain in power and rob the country blind.

During his 22-year premiership, he set up a system of governance which according to the 2008 Auditor General’s Report resulted in estimated losses as high as RM28 billion due to corruption.

By 2011, they are likely to be significantly higher and could have reached the RM40-50 billion figure.

Add to this the crooked deals by the top BN people the AG does not get to audit (like Mahathir’s crooked 30% IPP deal and kickbacks on contracts and purchases), the total 2011 losses due to corruption could be in the RM50-60 billion range.

Malaysia’s 2011 budget figures state that the total revenue for 2011 was RM183 billion. That means that BN and their cohorts are stealing about a third of the country’s revenue, thanks to a system set in place by Mahathir.

Knowing all this, are the Malays still going to vote for BN?

nkkhoo says:

This explain how his son became a billionaire (in US dollar).

Khai says:

Mahathir feels that if he directly hits at Najib real hard, UMNO would be smashed beyond repair. If he keeps an elegant silent, UMNO would fall into a drunken stupor, wobbles and then collapses. At times, Mahathir is wordlessly facing an evocative dilemma – not that he favours Najib less but he loves UMNO more.

Mahathir stills owes Najib’s late father, Abdul Razak Hussein (the second prime minister of Malaysia), for bringing him back into UMNO after he was sacked from the party in 1969 by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first prime minister of the country. What’s more, Mahathir would hate to see his number one political nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim, become the prime minister – at least when he is still around. Never mind if Anwar becomes the prime minister after his demise. For this reason, Mahathir has backed Perkasa – the wrong ‘horse’ thinking that this team of rejected UMNO hopefuls could salvage UMNO. He has created a big blunder for himself and UMNO by this move.

If this online survey could be taken as the indicator of the situation on the ground then UMNO would be in deep trouble in the next general election. A significant number of respondents from among 1879 potential Malay voters and 1657 non-Malay voters in the country (One limitation to study: Corpus from only those who have access to the Internet) gave a thumbs down for Mahathir, Perkasa and its raucous leader, Ibrahim Ali:

#1 Is Mahathir still relevant to the Malays? Yes (29 percent) No (68 percent) No response (3 percent)

#2 Can Perkasa help UMNO win the next General Election? Yes (9 percent) No (83 percent) No response (8 percent)

#3 Is Perkasa a liability to UMNO? Yes (84 percent), No ( 9 percent), No response (7 percent)

#4 Does UMNO need Perkasa to win the next general election? Yes (3 percent), No (85 percent), No response (12 percent)

#5 Are Barisan Nasional component parties (outside UMNO) comfortable with Perkasa? Yes ( 1 percent), No (94 percent) No response (5 percent).

#6 Will Perkasa affect the chance of non-Malays voting for Barisan Nasional? Yes (87 percent), No (3 percent), No response (10 percent)

#7 Is Perkasa a liability to Barisan Nasional? Yes (93 percent), No (3 percent), No response (4 percent)

#8 Should Perkasa become a political party? Yes (18 percent), No (54 percent), No response (28 percent)

#9 Is Perkasa sincere in its role in uniting the Malays? Yes (5 percent), No (86 percent), No response (9 percent)

#10 Is Perkasa splitting the Malays more than uniting them? Yes (79 percent), No (11 percent), No response (10 percent)

#11 Are the Malays comfortable with Perkasa? Yes (9 percent), No (79 percent), No response (12 percent)

#12 Are the non-Malays comfortable with Perkasa? Yes (2 percent), No (95 percent), No response (3 percent).

#13Should UMNO befriend Perkasa to regain Malay votes? Yes (8 percent), No (83 percent), No response (9 percent)

#14 Should UMNO distance itself from Perkasa? Yes (87 percent), No (6 percent), No response (7 percent).

#15 Should Perkasa become a better platform for the Malays than UMNO, PAS or PKR? Yes (4 percent), No (89 percent) No response (7 percent).

nkkhoo says:

Uncle Sam and western forces are no shy to attack anyone if their oil supply chain is threatened.

Mahathir will be facing Saddam and Gaddaffi’s fate if Malaysia is a major oil exporter. A single carrier will destroy Malaysia in 24 hour.

America did not attack and conquer Malaysia, not because Bush was afraid of Mahathir and Malaysia, but such action was no needed to secure their oil blood line.

Lok Ming Xian says:

Don’t underestimate malaysian defence capability under Zahidi that has spent billions of ringgit on sofistikated weaponary!!!

Examples: Submarines that can only float; Jet fighters that can protect the nation without having an engine, HRB-Hicom built armour cars, and our perajurit who can defeat Chin Peng!!!

Bojingles says:

apanama knows how to cover up with $ accumulated over the years.
putting Karma (if u believe) aside; $ can solve 99% of human desires !

Zai says:

Look at what had happened to the world’s corrupt rulers this year:

January, 2011
President Ben Ali of Tunisia – corrupt dictator of Tunisia – gone, after 33 years of corrupt rule
Now standing trial in court for corruption

February, 2011
President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt – corrupt dictator of Egypt – gone, after 32 years of corrupt rule
Now standing trial in court for corruption

October, 2011
Col Gaddafi of Libya – corrupt dictator of Libya – gone, after 42 years of corrupt rule
Now dead, killed by his own Libyan people after being tortured and sodomnised

November, 2011
President Ali Abdullah Salleh of Yemen – corrupt dictator of Yemen – will be gone in February 2012, after 34 years of corrupt rule. Will definitely stand trial in court for corruption.

That’s why Umnoputeras are dead worried for their leaders.