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Malaysia is no longer Bolehland, now is ridiculous land

The punishment for offense of asking maid doing non-household works is more serious than corruption which is more detriment to the country

Those people hire maid is better watch up your backside, your maid may do other works at her own initiative and then extorting you for RM50,000 or more for not reporting trump-up charge against you.

I have forewarned you now, don’t be regretted later after you are falling into such blackmail plot.

Boycott Indonesian maids and do your homework for the peace of mind.

Minimum Fine Of RM500,000 For Employer Who Orders Maid To Do Outside Jobs

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 24 (Bernama) — Employers found to have ordered their Indonesian maids to do other tasks, other than at the employers’ home, can be fined a minimum of RM500,000 or jailed three to 20 years under the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007.

Peninsular Malaysia Manpower Department Director-General Datuk Sheikh Yahya Sheikh Mohamed said the offence included ordering the maid to work at night markets or groceries, attending to the sick other than at the employer’s house, or working in other homes, including those of the employer’s relatives.

“In Indonesia, when we apply for house maids, we will be ask the purpose because if the maid is employed to look after elderly people, the training to be given will specifically be for the task.

“If the maid is employed to do house work, she will be trained to do house work,” he told a media conference here Thursday.

When asked whether it would be alright if the maids themselves volunteered to do other jobs to supplement their income, Sheikh Yahya said they would not be allowed to do so.

“The maid is employed for house A. So she has to work at house A. If the maid is caught at other houses, action can also be taken against her,” he added.

With Indonesia having agreed to resume the sending of domestic maids to Malaysia, Sheikh Yahya said he hoped employers and employment agencies would be more responsible and to respect the terms that had been agreed upon by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at a bilateral meeting in Bali recently.

They included the need to have a working contract for domestic maid, the cost of recruiting Indonesian maid fixed at RM4,511, compulsory 200-hour course and one day off per week.

Employers, on the other hand, are allowed to take back RM1,800 from their cost in advance payment for the maids by deducting their pay of not more than 50 per cent per month from their salary.

Sheikh Yahya said that only 121 of the 400 registered maid agencies agreed to the terms on the employment of Indonesian maids.

“The list of the agencies will be displayed at the department’s portal early next month. Agencies who do not agree to terms will not be allowed to supply Indonesian maids,” he added.

He said there were about 50,000 Indonesian maids waiting to come to Malaysia.


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Kumaran says:

Defence Minister seems very impressed with the fact that a submarine can dive. That says a lot about him. He does not understand that a submarine is supposed to dive and while it can dive, that does not wash away all the mystery surrounding its purchase. Secondly, it is not the minister’s toy to use to challenge opposition leaders with joy rides to play his political games with but a serious piece of defence equipment and it belongs not to him but to our Malaysian military. Umno behaves like they own everything that rightfully belongs to the country.

Stanley says:

首相拿督斯里纳吉否认他的夫人拿汀斯里罗斯玛涉及Ntv7清谈节目“非谈不可”的审查,以至节目制作人黄义忠愤而辞职,但纳吉的否认不具说服力。 如果纳吉如此肯定他的夫人没涉及的话,他应公开调查,以还其夫人一个清白,並免立下个首相夫人公然干政,当起一名横跨各内阁部门的超级部长之先例。

纳吉是否认同,首相夫人涉及审查NTV7清谈节目,导致制作人黄义忠愤而辞职,是一项完全不能被接受的做法。 纳吉是否同意,首相夫人不应滥用地位及影响力,而应远离政治及公职事务,除非她本身参政及当选为公职人员? 行动党的上议员东姑阿兹士将在下周上议院会议上,提出NTV7媒体被审查的重大课题。

nkkhoo says:

The rumor says the de facto PM is Rosmah.

Stanley says:


纳吉在发表演说两天后,首相署辖下的公共服​务局,宣布裁退2 万9千名公务员的职位,证明纳吉才是一名最高等级的伪君子。

nkkhoo says:

Only those born after 1987 do not know Najib is a Malay fascist.

Shah Razak says:

Judging by his fiery speech at Umno AGM, the ungrateful DPM is conspiring with Ahmad Mazlan to unseat Najib. If he becomes the Prime Minister, only God knows how hard non-Malays will have to strive in order to thrive in Malaysia. It hurts when our own ministers continue to defend one particular race and disrespect other races, regardless the fact that we are all children of Malaysia. DPM knows that BN is not going to hv a 2/3 majority. SO to ensure the results status quo, he is taking away the Chinese votes from MCA last strong hold in Johor to undermind a 2/3 BN victory. Smart move. Najib will be forced to play into his race card during his Presidential speech.

Slam says:

If UMNOPutras and their BN cronies had not been pilfering from the national treasury, we would have enough reserves to ride through another economic storm.

UMNO has not merely mismanaged, its leaders have been stealing from the rakyat!!! It is time for us to forsake UMNO once and for all and institute a government that will have the welfare of the rakyat front and centre.

Time to end the rule of rent-seekers and corrupt ministers and MPs. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

nkkhoo says:

A Singaporean MD for a Japanese company in JB shaked his head and told me, “Malaysia GDP is supposed higher than Singapore if your government is not corrupt and mismanage the economy.”

Mus says:

He should tell this to Johoreans who are safe deposit for BN/Umno in West Malaysia.

Fuad says:

Give Pakatan a chance in G13 n if they cannot perform, kick them out come G14. Maybe, by then, one or two new parties might emerge from the young bastards of now UMNO, MCA or Gerakan.

Reason is, the old cocks, most of them would have left the country or in jail charged for corruption like Taiwan MPs or South Korea MPs or Arroyo n gang.

To start n to stop all these cheatings, I think Abdul Aziz n Ambiga n MTUC especially the Indians should make BERSIH 3 a reality before the new bill is out. You all will sure have all the Universities students support and the young rakyat support too n it will be multi racial affair. Don’t think n take too long to ponder over it.

Bojingles says:

UMNO defines Malay’s corporate equity at 21.9% share – yet to hit 30% according to Najib.

Not sure in Muar but i have seen many bumi homes in Klang Valley even at Malay heartland in Perlis/Kedah which non-bumi cannot match in terms of lavishness (swimming pool etc).

No wonder UMNO uses face value becoz they want muka as gaya mesti ada !

nkkhoo says:

I traveled Malaysia extensively, even with bicycle and two legs.

The drivers behind luxury cars on the road are mostly Malays if you observe them carefully.

I told my friends, no longer Chinese worries about racial riots, UMNO Malays are more worries than others with their huge wealth amassed from illegal means.

Khai says:

One of the perks of being an umnoputera is to get instant loan to do business (via Giatmara, Tekun, Mara, etc) without having to sign any agreement in black and white. The actual use can be different from the business plan, if any at all. Loan defaulters is a norm and repayment is not necessary. The NFC fiasco is just a tip on the iceberg – Shahrizat has no worries as this is the SOP. That’s why umno is so strong.

Aries says:


nkkhoo says:

UMNO is using face value to compute bumi wealth. That is another insult to human intelligence.

No countries in the world will do that except the Bolehland for UMNO to live and suck up blood from non-bumi.

jacob boris says:

Corruption is serious in Bolehland but if you are a BN person who can practise it legally without prosecution. That’s how I see it. MASissy have proved it to us repeatedly.

Lok Ming Xian says:

Ridiculous because thinking men like nkkhoo is still dreaming of his 3rd force without realising that it is a BN’s creation as a ploy to deny a 2-party system that is theonly hope to stop the rot!!!!

nkkhoo says:

Why BN can stay in power for 50+ years? Because opposition is rotted as BN.

Howard says:

Many opposition are BN-planted. Money talks.
We have seen many frogs.
This has to happen in the transition for 2 party system.
3rd force is just another nuisance created by BN so that people can continue to be fooled. No offence to nkkhoo who is pinning his hope on 3rd force.

nkkhoo says:

There is no real third force yet in Bolehland except some apolitical NGOs.

That mosquito party from a rejected politician is not a third force in my definition.