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Afterthought of reading Lim Kim Cherng's Muar food reviews in the China Press

This trishaw is not Muar traditional trishaw which is pedalled from the left side.

My stomach feels hungry after reading many Muar Chinese food reviews by Lim 林金城, a gourmet writer in the China Press. Most Chinese foods in Muar city are Teochew-styled, their tastes are remained unchanged and authentic since 60s and 70s.

Besides Penang, Muar is another gourmet haven in Malaysia. Melaka Hainan chicken rice ball is believed to be originated from Muar. Malay cuisines like mee Bandung, asam pedas, rojak, satay, etc. are also my favorite snacks.

A food of thought, if Muar can attract 10% tourists visiting Melaka for a day trip, meaning 1 million plus tourists a year to Muar that is a cash cow for Muar people.

Unfortunately, Muar council is still too pathetic, rigid and lazy to promote Muar tourism products to outside world. For example, Muar tourist map in Malay language does not help foreign tourists at all to venture and explore Muar.

There is not a single Muar promotion leaflet or brochure for tourists ever printed by Johor government.

These “makan” places will be reviewed and updated in English in when I return to Muar, probably this weekend.

These are links from The China Press in case you can read Chinese language.

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songlap says:

Tourist Minister Swallow Ng Yen Yen spoke loudly about promoting Johor food at Johor Jaya recently to syiok the Chinese there.

Perhaps she could explain why the newly published 14-page ‘Johor Food Trail’ 2011 brochure (Cuti-cuti 1malaysia by Tourism Malaysia) only features malay food and malay restaurants?

Same with the ‘Johor jewel of asia’ brochure depicting Johor as malay-only state (everthing from culture to food has no mention to other race)?

Hattan says:

This is to re-assert Tanah Melayu to commemorate 500th anniversary of the fall of Kesultanan Melaka?

Joseph says:

That’s why Malaysia will lose the case of fighting for the rights of Bak Kut Teh, Yee Sang, Hainanese Chicken Rice as our intangible heritage as UNESCO will clearly see taht these food/dishes are missing from Malaysian ‘official pamphlets of local food’.

Rais lost the 3 stones to Singapore.
Yen Yen lost the 3 dishes.

niceguy says:

It’s not that difficult to promote Muar as a destination for local and Singaporean tourists. It has several hotels…

The area is flat and could be ideal for cycling tours around town; for example cycle to Parit Jawa (there’s a nice traffic-free back road), a temple on the way, assam fish for lunch, and back to Muar via another road.

(Parit Jawa has a small loging house, near the jetty and beside a small temple, heard it’s popular with Singaporeans on fishing trips.)

nkkhoo says:

Lonely Planet did not rate Muar as a must see place. Parit Java is a famous bird watching place for Singaporeans. There are Buddhist devotees from Singapore come to Muar for prayer purpose.

What I suggest is let pull at least 10% of Melaka tourists from local and foreign countries for a day trip to Muar. Melaka sultanate historical trail can be extended to Muar and Pagoh.

Muar can be packaged into natural and heritage tours. Natural tour can be bird watching and hot spring spa in Parit Jawa, firefly river cruise in Muar river, herbal spa in Pagoh and excursion in the Gunung Ledang waterfalls.

Heritage trail can include city tour in Muar town and Kampong Raja Pagoh and savour the local foods.

jalil says:

if only our tourist minister can think like you…

nkkhoo says:

She was trying hard to promote her hometown, Raub Pahang.

A new toll free coastal highway from Melaka to Muar already cut down traveling time to less than 30 minutes.

Monkey in Tanjung Ketupang is another potential attraction. Vietnam promotes monkey island in Mekong Delta to international tourists.

If I were Muar Datuk bandar, I will build a musical fountain in the Muar river at Tanjung Emas instead of a walkway in Jalan Sisi.

niceguy says:

Have been twice to Oasis Bay several years ago; partial mud road going in; this place is quite big, I think cater to tour groups in buses, but fortunately it was quite empty both times, maybe it was still relatively new… an update review would be welcome if you happen to be there.

(ah, just google and found that it has its own website… delete this post if you think it is not necessary to help promote it!)

nkkhoo says:

Still depending on their service level, I will not promote any joker who cannot treat their customer professionally.