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Penang trishaw riders are beggars like UMNO Malays

Penang trishaw riders look more like drug addicts and beggars. They have no shame to ask for handout like UMNO Malays.

How can Melaka trishaw riders can make good earnings? Because they are more innovative and professional in running business than their Penang counterparts.

Melaka trishaw riders decorated their trishaws and not wearing slippers and dirty shirts. This will give a good impression to tourists.

Besides, Melaka state government put them in a strategic location to lure more customers.

Trishaw riders to get RM100 a month


GEORGE TOWN: The state government has upped the ante by increasing aid given to trishaw riders to RM100 monthly – RM40 more than the RM60 requested by the Penang Trishaw Riders Association.

The aid, which is double the previous “RM100 every two months” offer, however, comes with a condition – they must attend the George Town Car-free Day every Sunday from 7am until 5pm at selected streets here.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said in a statement yesterday that he had directed State Tourism Development and Culture Committee chairman Danny Law to increase the amount given.

The George Town Car-free Day is expected to kick off at selected streets in George Town every Sunday beginning Dec 11. Only bicycles and trishaws will be allowed in these areas.

“The project does not only seek to promote a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle but also offers trishaw riders a chance to increase their income,” said Lim.

To ensure that only genuine trishaw riders benefit, Lim proposed that the riders register with the Penang Tourism Department.

He also said the riders must be present at an allotted gathering point for a period of time to qualify for RM20 which will be paid weekly.

An extra bonus of RM20 will be paid if they attend every George Town Car-free Day for the month.

Penang Trishaw Riders Association chairman Koay Beng Hong welcomed the increase in aid but declined to elaborate.

“I prefer to view the full details about the conditions and discuss the matter with Law first,” said Koay yesterday.

It was reported on Tuesday that trishaw riders had rejected the RM100 aid every two months offer by the state government as they wanted a monthly payment of RM60 instead.

With the new arrangements, the payout to trishawmen scheduled for yesterday was put off and many who came to collect the money were left disappointed.

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jalil says:

Melaka trishaws can get business because the unreliable monorail always breaks down.

nkkhoo says:

The credit has to give to Melaka government.

Jim says:

Has the melaka monorail already been repaired?

nkkhoo says:

How to repair a prototype? The Chinese monorail is an experimental product, only idiot will buy prototype.

23 breakdowns since it was in operation. A boleh record.

Bojingles says:

i stayed at Upper Penang Road when I was there a few mths ago.
These trishaw fellow have shabby dressing and most truly look like drug addicts. They surely give penang a bad image !