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I am the boss, you must come to see us.

Heritage activists are concerned that MPPP is using concrete covers for the drains in Jalan Sungai Ujong, which forms part of George Town’s heritage enclave. Pic by Asman Ibrahim.

Melaka river used more concrete, and an idiotic reporter from NST complimented the concrete structure is inspiring his thought.

I see both NGO and MPPP are damn arrogant and expecting other party to approach them first. This is the typical “I am the boss” mindset.

Penang PR government under LGE seems cannot work along with Penang NGOs like PHT.

‘Talk to us before you do anything’


Heritage conservation groups want government to consult the experts and the people before starting projects in the city

Heritage activists are concerned that MPPP is using concrete covers for the drains in Jalan Sungai Ujong, which forms part of George Town’s heritage enclave. Pic by Asman Ibrahim

GEORGE TOWN: HERITAGE conservation groups here are urging the state government to talk to them before embarking on any kind of work in the city’s heritage areas.

Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) council member Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson said this was to prevent damage to George Town and subsequent jeopardy of its status as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

“We are not against any work… however, we are of the opinion that it should not be done at the expense of the prestigious listing.

“It will be good for the state authorities to get public feedback before it proceeds with any work so as to ensure it does not have to do rectification work.”

The Penang Island Municipal Council’s (MPPP) ongoing work to mitigate floods in the city centre has met with protests from NGOs.

MPPP is upgrading and widening drains in Lebuh Cintra, Lebuh Kimberly, Jalan Lim Chwee Leong, Jalan Kuala Kangsar and Jalan Sundai Ujang.

Duckett-Wilkinson said the NGOs were not objecting for the sake of objecting, but because they felt that the work should be carried out in a proper manner.

She said the work was being carried out without taking into consideration the structural make-up of the building around the project site.

She said digging work had compromised the structures of some buildings, while the council’s use of concrete covers would aggravate the very flood situation it was trying to mitigate as concrete does not allow the absorption and evaporation of water.

“MPPP has not understood the structural make-up of the heritage drainage system.

“If the state authorities had consulted the NGOs and stakeholders, we would have advised them and the situation could have been averted.”

It was love for the state that had prompted the newly-established Penang Citizens’ Awareness Chant to speak out, said member Prof Dr Jimmy Lim.

“As Penang people, we only want what is best for the state and the people it is better for us to speak out now before it is too late. Lim suggested that the authorities carry out public surveys before proceeding with projects.

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Jim says:

Look at what has happened at Kajang – the flash flood!

nkkhoo says:

The drains in Kajang was clogged and no clean up for five years as claimed by Kajang residents. Georgetown used to suffer flash floods before PR government. PR government solution is frequent flush up clogged drains. This simple solution solves 90% of flash floods in Georgetown.

Selangor PR is as bad as BN, totally hopeless.

Zai says:

Those overly pro-heritage people should shit on bucket to preserve their old identity and tradition.

Bojingles says:

i think heritage folks are worried about the quality of the sub sub sub contracted work doen to the drains