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This is no demostration, this is illegal road blocking by UMNO samseng

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Bojingles says:

in the picture seems like there is no metallic black (i meant the cars) ?

while u r in Penang, did you manage to drop by the revamped Komtar (at least 1st few floors). Somebody told me DAP has revived the place but i cannot justify that as i have not seen it with my own eyes !

nkkhoo says:

Komtar Walk is a failure as I visited it last May. No chance to see inside Komtar.

Jeremy says:

Komtar was almost dead becos of malnutrition from BN corrupted practices before Pakatan tried to revive it.

Melody Fuuh says:

The Malays in general will always be economically backward because the Umno government wants them to be so, so that Umno can perpetuate the NEP (New Economic Policy) forever to benefit Umno cronies like Rozali and the whole pack of them.

The Umno government does not look after the Malay race, only the Malay elites and their cronies and proxies. The GLCs are not Umno property but are national assets. The kampong Malays should not be fooled by Umno.

nkkhoo says:

I talked to Malay boatmen in Teluk Bahang last May, they all knew Malaysia is rich in resources and UMNO is a corrupt party. Kampong Malays are not stupid, they just do not vote against their own pocket.

Zai says:

kampung folks are scared by Umno that told them that DAP is taking away their rights.

Gerry says:

The Cow Condo Party created fears among the Malays by lying that the Malays would suffer under the DAP-dominated PR. The Yes Man Party threatened the Chinese with the implementation of Hudud under the PAS-dominated PR. Thief helping thief. Liar helping liar. I help you, you help me. What a wonderful world this would be.

Jim says:

PDRM said Sharizat’s hubby did no wrong.
Correct, correct, correct!
That’s Umno for you.