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Lim Guan Eng is better learn from Perak BN government's RM37 million MICE project

Perak BN government spends RM37 million to build and own the MICE building.!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_454/image.jpg

In contrast, Penang MPPP spends RM 50 million, another few millions stamp duties exemption and other freebies to developer and get nothing in return.

Who is more evil and selling off rakyats for a similar MICE project?

There are only two possibilities, Lim Guan Eng is either stupid or corrupt.

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Jim says:

Penang is smart to use underground since space is limited.
Unlike BN go underground with black (not metallic) money!

nkkhoo says:

If I were LGE, I will spend RM50 million to build a new MICE hall in Nibong Tebong Pesta site under the state ownership instead of giving away to a private developer.

I cannot forgive LGE for this blunder.

Jeremy says:

Pakatan inherited a half-dead white elephant called Komtar.
Despite effort to resusitate it, the effort failed becos it suffered from malnutrition caused by corruption of bn.
Now penangites avoide the place and the in places are Gurney Plaza and Queesnbay Mall.

Bojingles says:

i think you are comparing a durian with a buah pala ! 🙂

why not compare Spore Esplanade with sPICE then ?

nkkhoo says:

Did Singapore pay out a single cent to Hong Kong Superman Li? NONE.

I compared it with sPICE in anil blog.