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You may wonder why the protesters have to use umbrellas? Because Petronas sprayed them with water via sprinklers.

Pukimak….Petronas! There is a way to make Petronas runs like a crazy dog if it still treat peaceful protesters with shower next week.

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Murugan says:

I am pissed now my favourite ESSO has lost its stripes to become Petron, anak syarikat San Miguel!!!!

Jim says:

I hope nkkhoo do not try to outdo Namewee by using bad language. It is an obscene word.

nkkhoo says:

Sorry, I never respect Petronas after a legal battle with them.

Gerry says:

Going by the same logic, you should applaud Namewee for his crusade against Utusan.

nkkhoo says:

Did Utusan sued him? No, he used foul language is to invite free promotion for his lousy movie.

Audrey says:

nkkhoo should support Ernie Chen’s new malay movie.
Chinese in Malaysia must cater to malay market to survive.

nkkhoo says:

In less than 10 sec, I can come out a few Chinese companies targetting Malay market.

Ramli Burger’s owner is a Chinese in case you do not know.

Hai-O direct sales mainly are from the Malay market.

CSL handphones are sold to Malay market.

Only non-business acumen people still thinking 25% Chinese market is their main target. The majority of Malays are not poor people anymore if you use market value to compare.

Only apartheid UMNO is still using 30-year old face value to rape non-Malay.

Jeremy says:

nkkhoo should avoid using foul language if he condemn Namewee.

nkkhoo says:

Petronas is not namewee. I hv never used foul language against Namewee although I dislike him.

Zai says:

Petronas plundered nation’s wealth in oil to pay for Umno’s activities.