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Kepercayaan kepada tuhan fails to make Malaysians a faithful partner

I hope the survey reveals the % based on race as NEP. Malaysian girls are more itchy than man, slightly more than 1/3 of married girls having out of wedlock sexual relationship is truly amazing and mind boggling. Malaysian men are slightly better with 1/3 “curi makan”.

Don’t marriage if you cannot loyal to your partner.

Religions seem fail to make 1/3 Malaysian adult the righteous creatures. The public money spend on mosques is wasted if the behavior and morality of Malaysians are among the worst in the world.

Malaysia Boleh again!

Malaysians third most unfaithful in the world


MALAYSIANS are ranked third in the world for being the most unfaithful partner, reported China Press.

According to a survey, 33% of Malaysian men admitted that they were unfaithful to their spouses. Thailand is first at 54% while South Korea came in second with 34%.

After Malaysia, the countries next on the list were Russia at 32% and Hong Kong at 29%.

Some 39% of Malaysian women also confessed to having betrayed their partners. The top two countries are Nigeria at 62% and Thailand at 59%.

Russian women are the fourth most unfaithful at 33% while Singaporeans are fifth at 19%.

The survey, conducted by condom manufacturer Durex, was based on interviews with 29,000 people in 36 countries.

It also revealed that Malaysian men have an average of three sex partners in their lives while those in Singapore and Hong Kong have 16, which is the highest in Asia.

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AJ says:

Just ask the police why the mastermind of those prostitutes are never charged in court.

Joseph says:

Could the mastermind of such syndicates are linked with politically connected people?

Gerry says:

Muslims nowadays are preoccupied with issues that do not bring benefit to them. The Star, on December 8, 2011, wrote that the Saudis refuse to let their women drive because that would result in them losing their virginity paralleled with a definite surge in prostitution, pornography and divorce. Only Jakim in Bolehland can outdo the Arabs in this area.

nkkhoo says:

Don’t worry, Jakim will ban Muslim girls in sports soon, such active body movement will make some girls break their virginity.

Kumaran says:

LKY is just giving his advice to Singaporean Muslims to practise their religion more in substance than in form, to be more spiritual than ritualistic. That is all. If jakim is going to condemn a book on just this one statement, then there are many many more books to ban.

If you look at the issue more rationally, the Interlock book is many times worse and should be banned outright..

Gerry says:

Having 4 obedient wives also cannot curb the nafsu. The craving is there, permissable in old days to have more children to work in the farm. After industrialization the proton way, we see discarded babies in the urban society.

Jim says:

Why you trust Durex survey?

I used Durex for protection but still got my girl pregnant.

nkkhoo says:

Probably you learn how to use condom from your female teacher who demonstrated it with her finger.

You may cap the condom on your finger too. 🙂

Jeremy says:

Blame Prof Khoo KK for his short-sightedness when drafting the rukun negara.

Zai says:

I am an atheist. Does that mean I violate the Rukun Negara?

nkkhoo says:

Yes, me too.