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Total failure of Tourism Ministry and its Minister, Ng Yen Yen

The budget entrusted to the Tourism Ministry for tourism facilities enhancement in Melaka and Penang are poorly utilized by both states. Melaka often breakdown unreliable monorail and Penang Hill’s unsafe and poorly designed car park are signs of poor financial management.

Tourism Ministry and its Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen fails miserably in ensuring the fund is properly managed and utilized by the state governments with world heritage honor.

Delegating the project development tasks to respective states does not mean Tourism Ministry has no responsibility and accountability for the budget. The minister has to make sure the projects follow every statutory and engineering requirement before her ministry and treasury department release the fund.

Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen chiding Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng for Kancil car park failure (she is selectively forgetting Melaka Chief Minister, Mohd Ali also screwed up in the monorail project) is an uncalled for, low taste and immature response.

We rakyat are asking full accountability from her ministry because the fund was allocated to her ministry. Delegating a job to others without follow-up is called abandonment of duty, that is what has happened in the Tourism Ministry.

[P/S: She banned me from posting any comments in her facebook although the facebook is paid by taxpayer’s money, legally and technically, I am also a co-owner for her facebook!]

Thanks MalaysiaKini and Free MalaysiaToday for publishing my bashing against Ng Yen Yen. This is a small price for blocking me from voicing out my opinions in her Facebook.

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Dr. Dre says:

Melaka bought 2nd hand monorail from Jurong Bird Park for 1 million rinngit. MACC must check.

nkkhoo says:

A half million rebate to Ali’s bank account in Singapore. Sungai Way theme park has an idle monorail which can be sold to Melaka government at much cheaper price except no kickback.

Dr. Dre says:

KL MRT will likely buy 2nd hand MRT carriages from Singapore, unless it can get free train from Japan like KTM.

nkkhoo says:

Are these people stupid to buy cheap coaches? More expensive mean more kick back for UMNO cronies.

Bojingles says:

Tourism (or Touring) Minister of Msia is always a glamour position in public’s eyes with extravagant expenditure whenever he/she goes. Look at that TomboyAz & Bulat2 spending rakyat money like nobody biz !
It’s time for rakyat to raise and get these people out for good.

Zai says:

Well said!