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Who says Chinese is a second class citizen?

Now I realized Chinese and Indian students are so stupid who cannot compete with Malays.

Malays are so smart, until they occupy 72.4% in the public universities!

We Chinese with 25% population only can take up 9.62% share. I have to admit Chinese is unable to compete with Malay, therefore, affirmative action should be channeled to Chinese and Indian to balance the racial imbalance in the public universities.

Another fact is those foreign students are mostly from Muslim countries.

MCA innovative solution is asking Chinese parents to subsidize Malay and foreign students in our public universities and send their children to private funded universities with their pocket money like UTAR.

Malaysian Chinese should not called themselves Chinese, we should call ourselves Buddha for sacrificing so much for 1Malaysia.

Who says Chinese is a second class citizen? Chinese actually is a forth class citizen after first class Malay, second class East Malaysia bumi and third class foreigner. I think Indian is fifth class.

Shocking facts on institutionalised racism against the Indian poor


From Sambu Lingam, via e-mail

Malaysian Indians are the third largest ethnic community in the country, thus we would expect that entitlements for them from the government should reflect it. But facts are cleverly concealed by those in power in a well planned and orchestrated scheme such that it is difficult, even impossible to know what really is happening.

Appalling statistics concerning enrollment of young Indian students in the 20 public Universities were revealed to the delegates at the Second Hindraf Convention in KL on Dec 4, 2011.

In the 20 public universities, 453,629 students enrolled in the current year. The breakdown: Malays 328,309 (72.37%); Chinese 43,624 (9.62%); Overseas students 24622 (5.4%); Lain lain 23,559 (5.19%); Sabah/Sarawak students 21616 (4.77%); Indians 11639 (2.57%); Orang Asli 260 (0.06%).

From our tax money 24,662 African, Arab and other foreign students are enrolled in the public universities. But the Indians of the country, who stand to contribute to the country, are only at 2.57%. In the total population in the country the “others” category constitute 1.2 % only but they take up 5.19% of the university enrolment. Who are those categorised in the “lain-lain” stream and where did they come from?

In spite of the reality that we are the third largest community in Malaysia, we get the 6th place in numbers of enrolment into public universities. Going by the 7.4 % ratio of the Malaysian population, Indians enrolled in public universities should be 33,522. Only 11,639 were given places in public universities. It means that the remaining 22,000 or so young Indian students are forced to study in private universities.

Assuming it takes about RM100,000 or more to get a degree from a private university, that amounts RM22 billion taken away from the already impoverished Indians. And by the way, where do you think this money goes – to enrich all those who own the private universities? My estimate is that 60% of that goes to enrich the Malay elite in Umno who own the Universities.

See how the statistics when studied in its totality and in the various dimensions tell a shocking story about the way in which institutionalised racism operates on the Indian poor. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

It is clear from this one example, that one of the key pre requisites we need for correction of such problems is transparency in statistics like this. This is clearly not going to happen as that is one of the key mechanisms by which institutionalised racism can prevail.

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Eminem says:

What so special.I know a malay woman who failed in her exams but can graduate without sitting for return paper!.This is what we call by ‘kampung quality’.

Anand says:

Haha, and she will become the cikgu for your kids!Maybe she is just not exam smart? Maybe she was sick on the day they gave out the answers?

Theodore says:

Malaysian students are smart or just simply exam smart?
7.7% (34,271 students) scored straight A’s in PMR.
KPI met for Education minister?

nkkhoo says:

A bunch of jagoh kampong in the making.

Wan Ikram says:

Went to Facon Eduction Fair at JB Persada on the weekend, seeking options for my son who have just completed SPM.

I observed that many Chinese students were there seeking education opportunity after SPM. So few malays, perhaps they are already guaranteed of places in local universities?

nkkhoo says:

My female Malay classmate was begged by Mara to study in overseas. Anyway, she is a pretty girl.

70% local public universities are occupied by Malays and another 90% overseas scholarships also reserved for Malays, what else Malay students should worry about education opportunity.

I know many Chinese students not even get the interview opportunity. My nephew scored 9A1 and 2A1 in SPM, he was not even giving opportunity to study in MARA junior college.

jz says:

guys, try to do the same percentage studies on youngster in prison vs population. the figure is very damaging; it is clear indication where each race are heading. you will be surprise to learn how bad each race are doing in this country. i wish had left this country while I can for my children sake; now regretted that i stayed. In a nut shell it will look like a perfect world here until everything collapse in.

nkkhoo says:

My friend cum business partner migrated to Australia last year for his children sake. He was reluctant to do so if not for his 4 sons.

mari kita says:

The Chinese will forever be 2nd class in bolehland.

PM Najib’s disingenuous “1Malaysia” rhetoric notwithstanding, there is no chance that the Chinese will be treated with true equality in Malaysia, as equal citizens of their own country, no matter how many elections take place, no matter who the Chinese vote for, and no matter which set of Muslims (UMNO or the Pakatan Rakyat opposition coalition) is in charge. Islamic supremacism, the placement of Islam at the centre of national life, the persecution of non Islamic belief systems, the unopposed voice of Perkasa and Pekida, the primacy of Shariah law, are not up for discussion nor debate of any kind. So, as they cannot vote any other way, non Muslims under Islamic suzerainty have but one choice — voting with their feet.

At the rate the Chinese are leaving (2% per decade), it looks like Malaysia will run low on, or run out of, the two most crucial driving forces for its economy — the entrepreneurial, dynamic, and wealthy Chinese minority, and its petroleum reserves — at around the same time, which is probably sometime in the second half of the 21st century. Poverty is sure to follow, but hey — at least the impoverished Malaysian Muslims of the future will then have a more purely Islamic nation as their home.

nkkhoo says:

By 2050, only 10% Malaysians are Chinese. That is a confirmed projection.

UMNO is smart, no other country can eliminate a race with non-violent campaign except in Malaysia.

Lee Guat Har says:


this news offers some hope for you to recover your Dana Johor investment!


nkkhoo says:

I am not that stupid to park my money with BN government. My mother followed others to invest in Dana Johor outside my knowledge.

Berani Kerana Benar says:

even uztaj prof ridhuan tee working so hard yet not recognize (as of now) as malay bumiputra. But i believe his offsprings are considered so due to their maternal link, right ?

mari kita says:

I am very confused. When an Indian embraces Islam, he/she becomes an Indian Muslim. By that vitue, this Indian Muslim can join UMNO like Irwhan Shah aka DJ Dave. What about a Chinese who embraces Islam. Can this Chinese Muslim join UMNO and get the bumiputera privileges?

nkkhoo says:

Muslim Mamak is still non-bumi. Only those willing to give up their ancestral root and call themselves Malay are given bumi status. There are a small number Chinese who give up their root and assimilated with Malay entirely are entitled for bumi. I knew such one in my neighboring Malay village.

Ujang says:

The Federal Constitution defines a Malay as someone who practices Islam as a religion, adopts Malay customs and speaks Malay. Race as defined in any other part of the world is ethicnity independent of religion, customs and language. Because of such an anomaly in our constitution anyone can be a Malay. So a mak salleh can also be “Malay” when in fact he does not even have a drop of Malay blood in him/her. In fact, if we consider this seriously, there is no such thing as a Malay race. This is an insult to the true Malays. What is happening in our country now, is a surge of “pseudo malays” namely the mamaks usurping benefits meant for true Malays. Parliament should re-define what constitute a Malay so that those of mamak, chinese or other orgins do not hijack the aspirations of the nation to bring up the Malays. When this is done, the nation will be more peaceful as these vermins no longer will be entitled to benefits meant for true malays.

Anand says:

Maaf if I misunderstood your post, but this seems bordering on racism, my friend. Do also take note that many ‘Malays’ are from Indonesia. Do not push this fact aside. PM is Indonesian by descent. What I ask my Malay friends is whether they are 2nd or 3rd generation Malaysian. Not whether they are or are not Malay. I will not sell out my beliefs for some deluded notion of striking it rich. When you die, all wealth accumulated stays in the material world. You only leave your heirs and your good/bad deeds to be remembered. I am only a 2nd gen Malaysian Indian, Hindu (wow that was a mouthful wasn’t it?) I am no less patriotic than the next guy. When I see people breaking everything down into ethnicity, it riles me, because we can be great, but choose to be mediocre. How many of the listed Unis are world class now? We cannot pull the wool over the world’s eyes, well not forever anyway. By the way, how many parliamentarians are true Malays? Should there then be a test of true Malayness? How is it the True natives are so hopelessly sidelined? At the end of the day, we should look at ourselves in the mirror. Do we see a happy person or an upset angry person who has lost his entitlements? I could say I’ve lost my entitlement to a Bangladeshi or Pakistani who’s plying the carpet trade, selling Ice Cream, Freelance grass cutting. Ada special permit for these ah? That just means I have neither the ability or the gumption to rise above this petty thought and build a respectable life for myself and my family. MIC does not owe me a living, neither does BN or PKR. All I ask is that they do not impoverish our once great nation! Too harsh perhaps?

Bojingles says:

MCA is raising hudud issue and overlooking this matter ?
MIC for sure always silent at the corner.
Gerakan on the road to extinction for sure.