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Acrobat Reader is a bloated software, 65MB for Windows XP Adobe Reader X. I shunned Foxit Reader after ASK toolbar is a part of the software and switched to PDF-XChange Viewer six months ago.

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Rating: 5/5

CNET Editors’ review

PDF-XChange Viewer presents users with an alternative to Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. With some interesting additions, it’s not hard to see this reader gaining some fans over its more popular competition.

The program’s interface looks and feels remarkably like Acrobat Reader, but with more command icons along the top. Users who are familiar with viewing PDFs will find this fairly intuitive, but newcomers are advised to experiment with the options and pay attention to the Help file. Viewing PDFs is incredibly simple and should not be a problem for users. The documents look good through the reader and are easily navigated. While the program is good for simply looking at PDFs, it excels with its added features. The control panel along the top displays a long list of options for editing your PDFs. The most useful we found was the option for making bright red shapes and lines, which can be utilized to mark errors and make comments (an element that has always been one of Acrobat’s best tools). Here, XChange Viewer gives users more options than its competition, allowing for more in-depth markups.

This free program imitates its competition in all the right places and gives users some extra features where it counts, combining into an excellent download option for anyone looking for an alternative to Acrobat Reader.

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pdf kind out of outdated for e-book reading and software called epub (e-publishing) is gaining popularity.

however, a lot of us more familiar with pdf format so may be nkkhoo can update readers on epub software for reading on kinre or ipad.

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I am not a fan for any Apple products for now and future.

No to any closed system OS, Android is my future OS.