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Police is also a robber

This may explain why serious crime is also as high as petty crime over the 10 year.

There was even a conspiracy theory saying crime rate during Pak Lah shot to skyrocket high because of instruction from Mahathir to police to let criminal running wild until we rakyat fed-up with Pak Lah.

For God sake, old man backfired his own game because rakyat overreacted during 308 election.

Missing Revolver Surfaces In Robbery Three Years Later

KUALA TERENGGANU, Dec 8 (Bernama) — A revolver which was reported missing at the Penanti state by-election in Penang three years ago turned up during a goldsmith heist in Wakaf Tapai Marang on Nov 28.

Speaking at a press conference here Thursday, Terengganu police chief Datuk Jamshah Mustapa said the revolver was discovered on Nov 29 following the arrest of a 29-year-old policeman involved in the robbery.

“The suspect, from the Hulu Terengganu police headquarters transport division, led us to a labourer who was also involved in the robbery,” he added.

“The arrest also led to the missing .38 revolver, three bullets and the stolen jewelry,” he said.

Jamshah informed that further investigations revealed the .38 revolver was obtained from two policemen attached to the transport division of the police training centre Pulapol in Kuala Lumpur.

The two policemen, aged 33 and 29, have since been detained at Pulapol, he added.

Describing their act as dishonest and irresponsible, he said the missing revolver was found by the two men from Pulapol who then failed to surrender the weapon.

In the Wakaf Tapai goldsmith robbery about 11.30 am that day, six workers were preparing to open the shop when two masked men, wearing helmets and armed with a revolver and hammer, made off with a tray of jewelry estimated at RM235,000.

It was reported that as they were fleeing the suspects saw the owner outside the shop and fired a shot at him but he managed to hide behind a car.

The suspects have been remanded until Dec 14 to facilitate investigations under the Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act 1971 which carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction, said Jamshah.

Meanwhile, Jamshah denied a local daily report which stated the revolver used in the Wakaf Tapai robbery was a weapon which had been disposed off.

He was disappointed with such allegations and said there was no such activity of renting out disposed off firearms for criminal purposes as reported by the daily.

“I’m disappointed with the report as it is not true and despite ongoing investigations, the paper still published a story like that,” he said.

“What was even more disappointing was that it was made randomly without any verification from the responsible authorities,” he emphasised.


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Hoorie says:

Now polis is saying that Xmas caroling must also apply for permit. More rules to get more side income?


as a graduate of RMC, you should have plentu of exciting & juicy stories to tell. Why not become a script writer for RTM’s Gerak Khas (contact Yusof Haslam of SKOP production) as lately the plots in Gerrak Khas kind of predictable and repetitive in nature.
who knows you may win anugerah skrin for your effort.

nkkhoo says:

Writing script s not my strength, I more on bashing writing.

Kumaran says:

PDRM is indeed in need of total overhaul. My S’porean friends love Msia, but absolutely hates the PDRM. They call them “Robbers In Uniform”. Seriously, adjusting the salary scale for them may not eradicate corruption totally, but it would attract more and better characters to join the force, thus reducing such incidents. With the present salary scale, only the half-crooks would join, just for the easy opportunity to rob the citizens!

nkkhoo says:

I agree police and military must be in the special salary scheme, at least 50% higher than other public services.

I was paid at about RM1000+ by Mindef after finishing my degree and cadet training, I decided to quit a few days before I met the king (Johor late sultan) and Mahathir in the graduation ceremony at RMC.