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Let God to vote Hasan in

Hadi Awang is playing a double face game, he and Hasan can jump ship to UMNO in case PR losing badly in the next GE.

Hasan Ali, why you are waiting for? You will be still a loser even Hadi Awang selecting you as his PAS candidate. May be UMNO can ask their supporters to vote you instead of voting BN candidate.

Hasan may quit Pas if problems continue


SHAH ALAM: Pas central committee member Datuk Dr Hasan Ali said he would consider resigning if he continued to face difficulties in the party.

However, Hasan, who is also in the Selangor executive council, said quitting Pas would not be that simple.

“I have been a Pas member for a long time now. It will not be easy to leave just like that.

I have many friends to consult, mufti, advisers and political veterans, whom I must talk to first.

“Well, if any organisation no longer supports the principles that I strive for, then it may happen,” Hasan said yesterday.

Hasan, who is also the former Selangor Pas commissioner, added that he would continue to work closely with Pas and the opposition as long as they “promoted and defended the principles of the Malays, Islam and the monarchy”.

He was reacting to a statement by Selangor Pas information chief Shaari Sungib last week that Hasan would be dropped in the next general election as he had not garnered enough nominations from party branches to secure his candidacy.

On Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s statement on Sunday rebuking Shaari over his statement, Hasan said: “It is a clear reminder to Pas leaders in the state to not make statements that precede the central leadership.

“I do not blame anyone within the party for disclosing the matter to the media as they may have good intentions.

“However, issues like branch nominations, which are yet to be referred to the Pas national leadership must be kept under wraps,” said Hasan, the Gombak Setia assemblyman.

Hasan said he was puzzled over the timing of Shaari’s revelation at a time when he was conferred a datukship by the Selangor sultan on Sunday.

“When I was about to receive the award from the sultan, suddenly the newspapers were abuzz that I did not gather enough nominations.

“I was not even told about this.

“I feel that there was some hindrance at the state level for my future in politics.

“This is my speculation and I hope this does not happen again.

“I do not need recognition from anyone, including the Pas president. I do not need DAP or PKR to like me.
“I just want Allah’s blessings for the little things I do.”

Hasan had been involved in controversies with DAP and PKR leaders over his stand on Islamic issues.

Asked whether the speculation that he would be dropped as a candidate was true, Hasan said he would let various factors such as time and circumstances to determine his next course of action if Pas did not select him as a candidate.

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Gerry says:

He is trying ‘to make himself useful’ to umno having seen how easy it is to get softloan millions of ringgit to invest in condominium. He is smart to use religion as a platform to make himself looked clean in the eyes of the malay folks.

Lokman says:

It is sad but true that malays tend to blindly support those who invoke God’s name, or have sworn on Quran.