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East Malaysia Christians should teach UMNO a lesson

UMNO politicians accused Christians for converting Malays to Christian, and yet not a single evidence is produced to prove their cases.

UMNO is like Nazi who making all sorts of false claims freely and police is totally blind and friendly against UMNO racists. A royal institution is happily to support them on this Christian bashing.

Do you think Malaysia can progress to a developed nation under racist UMNO?

US press reports ‘Christian-bashing’

‘The New York Times’ cites several incidents that have ‘heightened tensions’

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 10:11:00
Farish A. Noor

EFFORTS UNDERMINED: Farish says conservatives within Umno may be denting efforts by Najib to present Malaysia as a moderate Muslim nation

KUALA LUMPUR: The recent Umno general assembly in which information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan demonised Christians has made its way to the international Press — The New York Times, no less.

In an article published yesterday, titled For Malaysian Christians, an anxious holiday season, Liz Gooch writes of the unease among the country’s almost 1 million Christians who had been accused at the assembly of trying to “Christianise” Muslims.

“It’s unfortunate that the authorities don’t take the relevant action against those making such wild allegations,” the article quotes Bishop Jason Selvaraj of St Mary’s Cathedral as saying.

“We are upset about that. There’s a sense that justice is not done. We have not done anything wrong,” said the leader of the Anglican Church in Kuala Lumpur.

The article goes on to say that while Muslims are free to proselytise to others, most states have laws that prohibit members of other religions from proselytising to Muslims.

It cited penalties in Selangor that include a year’s imprisonment and a fine of up to RM10,000.

The article adds: “While the central government’s Department of Islamic Development says no one has ever been formally charged with trying to convert Muslims, recent statements by Muslim politicians and groups promoting Islam have left many Christians feeling victimised.

“Many are convinced that they are being used as political pawns to win support among Muslim voters in advance of the next general election, widely expected to be held next year.”

It quoted Rev Thomas Philips, a Syrian Orthodox priest and vice president of the Council of Churches of Malaysia, as saying: “I think Christians are generally feeling that there is kind of a Christian-bashing going on.”

The New York Times goes on to cite several incidents that had “heightened tensions” in recent years, including the firebombing of churches in 2010, the raid on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church by Selangor religious officials following information that Christians were proselytising to Muslims, and the tirade by Muslim politicians and leaders of Himpun against Christians of a plot to “Christianise” the country, and Ahmad Maslan’s Nov 29 speech.

“Say goodbye to Islam, because they (the Opposition) are agents of Christianisation,” he had said.

“The present climate and mood is more political than anything else,” said Father Lawrence Andrew, editor of The Herald, the Roman Catholic Church’s weekly newspaper in Kuala Lumpur.

A political science professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Farish A. Noor, said while Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak had been seeking to present Malaysia as a moderate Muslim nation and had opened diplomatic relations with the Vatican, his efforts were being undermined by conservatives within Umno.

“If this fringe in Umno thinks this is the only way they can secure the Malay vote, they have to understand that the coalition as a whole has to secure the votes of as many Malaysians as they can, and that includes Christians,” Farish said.

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songlap says:

I remember South Africa as one of two countries Malaysian cannot visit because African whites practiced apartheid on blacks. Here we are 54 years on declaring the Najib administration “does not look at your background, religion or race” in formulating policy.

What do you call NEP and NEM?
Where does Teraju charged with assigning billions of ringgit of contract to Bumi Contractor stand in the overall scheme of Najib’s policies?
Why bother to stratify Malaysians into Bumiputra and Non-Bumi, Muslim and non-Muslim?
Why create special schools for Malays which continues to deliver education in English when the rest of ordinary Malaysians must study in Malay?
Najib’s 1Malaysia is a lie and a fantasy intended to patronise us.
Perkasa’s vision is UMNO’s real vision – only that the latter is too chicken to admit it.

Doc Vaseegaran says:

i think your blog is still semenanjung-centric so your message may not reach the borneo yet.
you should tag your message at borneo high hit blogs like Hornbill Unleashed.
anyway, good luck in your effort to highlight the mess created by umno through its world class corruption.

Dayakputera says:

Christians are being made pawns in the battle of Malay votes. UMNO painted themselves as the true champion and guardian of Islam and the Malay race. The combination of politics and religion is a dangerous cocktail and can explode anytime. Unlike Indonesia, where it has the biggest number of Muslims, their national ideology in their Pancacila clearly states that all religions are recognised equally. Even Christians marrying a Muslim, there is no need to convert to Islam.

Before Independence, there is no majority race or majority religion in Malaysia. In Sarawak and Sabah before the formation of Malaysia, intermarriage amongst Muslims and Christians are allowed without conversion to Islam. Now the overzealous JAIS etc will even dig out your grave to bury a pork-eating Muslim convert to be re-buried in a Muslim cemetery. This is the “modern” Malaysia that practises apartheid n Islamic dominance in a multi racial, multi cultural and multi religious country.