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Muar lion sculpture finally is erected

This small project was dragged on for more than two years before a Perkasa friendly Muar district officer was kicked out by Johor MB, Abdul Ghani. The project will be completed in another two weeks with a proper signboard and beautification.

The lion sculpture is situated beside the Bentayan Hawker Center. Its location can be found here.

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Dr. Dre says:


nkkhoo says:

The location is an improper choice. The field in front of the clock tower is the right place to put up lion statue.

Venus says:

Let’s hope Muarlion can deflect the wrath of Tai Sui (Grand Duke), Sui Po, the Three Killings in 2012!

Muar Boy says:

appear to me that Muar person in charge of tourism tried to copy Melaka river cruise but Muar got no sejarah ketuanan melayu so how to attract even the malays ?

nkkhoo in your free time instead of blogging should also think of making money (of course moral 7 legal way) by setting up own private tourism shop (with or without yen 2 help as she only talks about curi-cuti Msia homestay only). with your connection up north (penang) & down south (red dot) sure can attract more tourists. this way people like me can indirectly get the benefits by selling muar souvenirs to them.

you help me then i sure help you one. can or not ?

Muar Boy says:

Muarlion (Muar) & Merlion (Spore) can become twin bro/sis ?

nkkhoo can be the ambassador to incrase spore tourist traffics by promting such cause.

Johor has more heritage values than premium brands outlets or “RM3.35” amusement centres or Sentosa red lights more appealing to traditional conservative folks adhering to strict moral values.

I urge nkkhoo to start the ball rolling. don’t sit on it.

be a positive agent for change to bring prosperity to Muarians !

nkkhoo says:

Those in the tourism industry have to make initiative for promoting Muar if they want more incomes.

Why I should do free services for them?

Muar river boat cruise is also suck, the operator thinks tourists owe him a service. The brochure also in Malay, he may think only Indonesia and local people are worth to be treated as customers.

As a netizen highlighted in my blog that the Johor food trail brochure totally is excluding Chinese cuisine.

This is right way to lure Singapore tourists? If these people still maintain ketuanan attitude, no one, you or me can help them.

ABU Hassan says:

go tell Joey Yap & Lillian Too feng sui a fake science.

have you ever go to Spore Suntec City ? The success is attributed to right feng sui.

Muar don’t play play without seeking proper Medium. Otherwise consequences may not be to your likings.

nkkhoo says:

Which developed nations are using feng sui to achieve their GDP? May be Najib should hire Lilian Teo for 2020 ETP.

songlap says:

If the location is not determined from feng shui point of view, it may instead bring affliction to the town.

nkkhoo says:

I am not ready believe in fake science, feng sui. Personally I think the sculpture should be located at the field in front of Muar old bridge where every visitor will not miss it.

Ah Boy says:

any resemblance to Spore’s Merlion ?
i though Muar has a better mascot but may be I am wrong.
Muar folks looks south for inspiration then.

nkkhoo says:

Nothing to do with kiasu’s Merlion. The sculpture is the symbol for Muar as the world’s lion dance king.

Hattan says:

So it is called Muarlion?