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TARC and UTAR are monuments to prove MCA is impotent

The truth is only 9.6% students in the public universities are Malaysian Chinese.

Young Malaysian Chinese (Indian too) are denied the rightfully seats in the public universities because of

1. UMNO abused the public funds to build apartheid MARA and Petronas universities for bumi (actually for Malay).

2. Dual tier schooling and examination system. Malay students are enrolled into good facilities MARA junior colleges and sit for internal examination. Chinese and Indian students are forced to study in normal schools and sit for STPM.

3. Allocate too many seats for foreign students especially from the Islamic nations and Muslims from the non-Islamic nations.

Why bumi (actually Malay) students are not sitting STPM? Because at least 90% of them will fail in STPM.

MCA is impotent and let UMNO to monopolize the usage of resources for bumi. So MCA only solution is to build TARC and UTAR to accommodate qualified Chinese students who are deprived of opportunity to study in the public universities paid by their parents (via income, sales and import taxes).

Teresa: I’m also from KTAR

KUALA LUMPUR: Seputih MP Teresa Kok is another DAP leader who studied at Tunku Abdul Rahman College, a project initiated and supported by the MCA.

The Selangor state executive councillor and DAP national organising secretary issued a statement yesterday admitting she had studied at KTAR for a year but defended her role as an opposition MP.

She said she did not think the MCA expected Malaysians who accepted “any form of service from the MCA, such as admission into Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman or funding from the 1MCA Medical Foundation” to be permanently indebted to the party.

The admission came following reports in the Chinese media and online portal that Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching’s mother had sought the help of the Negri Sembilan MCA.

State MCA chief Datuk Dr Yeow Chai Thiam had reportedly said Teo did not acknowledge the MCA’s help until he enquired about her mother’s health.

The portal also questioned why Teo’s mother, who had a heart problem, had to seek the assistance of the MCA when she (Teo) had constantly attacked the MCA.

Teo’s husband is also a doctor.

The portal also reported that Wanita DAP chief and Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng had studied for a year at TARC.

The issue has been widely reported by many blogs and portals with debates over the positions of the two DAP MPs.

Sabah MCA vice-chairman Chew Kok Woh questioned why the DAP had claimed the MCA had done nothing for the Chinese community when its leaders had benefited from the MCA.

Yesterday, responding to Kok, Chew said it was good that she had openly admitted she had studied at TARC “because she feared being named by the media”.

“There are many other DAP leaders who had gained from the MCA but still persist in saying MCA had done nothing.

“I do not expect them to be grateful but hope they can search their conscience,” he added.

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Theodore says:

The Chinese in Malaysia are now clamouring for Independent schools. A sign that the national education is losing its appeal?

优先 says:


nkkhoo says:

How could 30% MU graduates score first class degree? That is absurd.

The only explanation is the exam standard is so low to pass bumi students while non-bumi students are tagging along the system.

Ah Boy says:

My loyalty to the Agong and also ABU.

nkkhoo, Haris I has done great job. Have you seen the 104 min dvd meant for rural folks ?

Ah Boy says:

nkkhoo you my hav been brainwashed by btn during your stint at rmc but your common sense prevails and hope you could “awaken” many non-bumi laksamanas there who still glorify umno’s agenda.

nkkhoo says:

Believe me, RMC in 90s is very neutral and never brainwashed cadets like Police Polapul to believe BN government is Malaysia.

The only loyalty propagated in RMC is loyalty to the king. That why the King attended the cadet graduation ceremony every year.

Gerry says:

You should also highlight the fact that MCA (with its Youth leader as deputy education minister) does nothing when the BN regime is now victimising the temporary teachers of Chinese schools by lowering the pay/benefits in their ‘take it or leave it’ new contract.
It is one way to choke chinese education in SJK schools.

nkkhoo says:

Temporary teacher scheme itself is a plot to destroy Chinese school.

Dr. Dre says:

Shortage of school teachers in Chinese schools in Johor.
A blunder by Wee Ka Siong as Deputy Education Minister who did not stop BN in shortchanging the pay/benefits of temporary teachers?