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Why Google not building its data center in Malaysia?

Julian Persaud, managing director for Google Southeast Asia, center, along with other Google executives and Singaporean government officials, at a groundbreaking ceremony for a new data center in Singapore on Thursday. The data center will be the Silicon Valley company’s second in Asia after construction began for its Hong Kong facility last week. (EPA Photo)

Because Singapore can provide better infrastructure and cheaper cost for Google.

Cyberjaya can be renamed to Overseas Indian IT center with its 70% IT workers are imported from India.

Google to Build $157m Data Center in Singapore

Grace Chng – Straits Times Indonesia | December 16, 2011

Singapore. Search engine giant Google will invest US$120 million ($157 million) to build a data center in Jurong West to help it cope with the region’s huge growth in Internet traffic.

The facility, to be developed on a 2.45ha site, will come online in early 2013, and generate full-time and contract work for technicians, engineers and others.

Julian Persaud, the head of Google in South-east Asia, said at the ground-breaking ceremony yesterday: “More new users are coming online every day in Asia than anywhere else in the world. We’re building to provide our users in Singapore with the fastest and most reliable possible access to all our services.”

Internet World Stats, which tracks online users by regions, said Asia had more than 932 million Internet users as of March 31 this year. This is 44 per cent of the more than 2.1 billion Internet users globally.

Taj Meadows, Google’s manager of policy communications in the Asia-Pacific, said the Singapore data center will give users faster and more reliable access to services, including search and Gmail, without being constrained by network or capacity issues.

“It will also mean that users’ data can also be stored across two or more data centers In Singapore which means faster access and safer storage of files,” Meadows added.

Google will hire a small team of full-time staff, as well as contractors such as computer technicians, electrical and mechanical engineers and catering and security staff.

Staff details have not been finalized yet, said Meadows.

The Singapore facility will be one of three of Google’s in Asia. Construction for a US$300 million facility in Hong Kong began last week, and the company will also spend more than US$100 million to build a center in Taiwan.

Google’s data centre will be one of several in Singapore. Its search rival Yahoo has a data center in Singapore too.

Simon Chang, director of Google’s hardware operations in Asia, said the center in Singapore will be designed to operate at optimal efficiency, but it will be challenged by Singapore’s year- round heat and humidity.

Data centers tend to be kept chilly to prevent heat and humidity destroying electronic components, but Google will try to raise temperatures to an acceptable level, to reduce energy usage.

In conjunction with yesterday’s ceremony, Google announced a community program to train Singaporean undergraduates from non-technological backgrounds in digital skills so that they can find work with companies that do business on the Internet.

The first grant of US$50,000 has been awarded to the Interactive Advertising Bureau Singapore.

Meadows said: “We have given the grant, but we’re in early stages yet. We need to work out the details before launching this program next year.”

In future, the community program can focus on issues Google is passionate about, such as renewable energy innovation and technopreneurship, added Meadows.

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Hattan says:

I heard the reason was because Perkasa insisted that Google be renamed as Guger to honor bahasa melayu.

Ah Boy says:

you also can’t blame our local graduans who can’t converse in proper English, let alone to put up with American slang which is a prerequitsite to be the American Call Centers Agents. Right ?

nkkhoo says:

Singaporeans complained Indians in its call center speaks American slang, they warned their local companies either moved their customer service back to Singapore or lose their business.

Ah Boy says:

You meant Cyberjaya massive project of apanama ? i thought it’s already now a slogan as the facility has kaput long ago.
Indian IT folks may use Msia as the stepping stone to gain local experience (not necessary true IT knowledge)to venture out to USA eventually. Otherwise they may outsmart locals to become successful shop owners in Malaysian towns.

nkkhoo says:

I boycott those computer shops owned by foreign Indians in Low Yat.

How on earth they can get the trading license? Another alibaba business I guess.