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My dream home

Disclaimer: This dream home is owned by Mukhriz Mahathir. His brother, Mirzan Mahathir is a billionaire (US dollar).

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ABU Hassan says:

can get 7% bumi discount some more !

MCA & MIC can lobby to get some discounts for purchasing houses ?

I think more such luxuries can be observed at Iskandar area very soon, so nkkhoo u should start to link up with “right” folks to stop salivating !

nkkhoo says:

A u classmate made it with linkage to UMNO plus his hardwork. He is 90% pulled out from Alibaba business now and doing his multi-millions housing projects in east coast.

Wan Ikram says:

Mahathir’s sons have been enriched – one through political patronage and the other through oil and gas contracts worth billions.

Langkawi will soon be developed through a RM1.5 billion government programme announced by PM Najib Razak, so Mahathir will again benefit directly because he has a lot of interests there.

Money is growing all around Mahathir not because of his hard work but because of his selfish, greedy and manipulative ways.

Osman says:

That’s an open advertisement for Umno recruitment.
You can achieve your dream with softloan.
The risk is low unless your luck is so bad to be like Khir Toyol, given the inept MACC.
nkkhoo can only look in envy.

nkkhoo says:

My saliva flowing out whenever I dream about this house.

atuk says:

Shahrizat’s family can even buy a S$4 million condo in Singapore Orchard Road district!

Softloan for NFC is prety useful!