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Life is short and unpredictable. My KL landlord passed away this morning.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il death is a headline news while laymen death is just another natural call.

My landlord family member sent out a sms to me saying Mr. Yeoh Kee Hong, a Peroda salesman in Taman Maluri passed away this morning. No mentioned the cause of death, probably is heart attack since he looked ok when I met him a few weeks ago.

A life is meeting his end. My condolences to Yeoh’s family for this sad news.

Sadly, another old man is overstayed and reluctant to see his God.

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Wan Ikram says:

IJN lanjutkan usia of the old man.
Maybe God does not want the old man to start ali-baba trade in heaven? Or woried about the old man bringing the halal bir francais from San Miguel to syurga?