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Anwar was sacked and tortured because he refused to bailout old man's son

Mahathir is the number one liar in Malaysia. Anwar made a gross political mistake, he should agree to bailout Mirzan and then overturn his own decision when he becomes PM like Pak Lah.

RM2 billion public fund was used to bailout Mirzan’s companies during the Asian Financial crisis. No one knows the money is repaid or not.

Mirzan Mahathir is in the Forbes top 10 richest man in Malaysia.

‘Mahathir took World Bank loans’

Former PM’s administration signed for 38 packages between 1982 and 1999, says PKR
Azril Annuar

KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has launched a counter-offensive against former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) by disclosing links which purportedly show the Mahathir administration had, despite denials, taken loans from the World Bank.

PKR’s communications bureau yesterday highlighted World Bank records, which allegedly show the government had procured 38 loans from the World Bank between May 18, 1982, and the post-financial crisis period of March 30, 1999, when Mahathir was in power.

These also supposedly include a US$300 million (RM953 million) loan package identified as the Economic Recovery and Social Sector Loan Project, inked on June 18, 1998.

The World Bank website noted the final three agreements between the Mahathir administration and the World Bank were penned in March 30, 1999 for a total of RM404 million worth of loans.

Among others, these allegedly included an Education Sector Support Project for US$244 million, Year 2000 Technical Assistance Project for US$100 million and Social Sector Support Project for US$60 million.

These deals were allegedly done six months after the sacking of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as deputy prime minister and finance minister.

In its statement, PKR said while he held his post as finance minister, Anwar had written to the World Bank that “Malaysia did not need any aid from the financial institution yet.

“The accusations fabricated against him since 1998 was due to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s commitment to ensure a disciplined national financial management based on accountability and responsibility,” the statement added.”

He was firm in rejected an economic prescription to save the political elites and cronies finances whereas the people had to suffer the economic crisis of 1997/98. It was his firm stance that led to his sacking as a deputy prime minister and finance minister.”

It was reported Anwar, during a speech at a dinner on Friday to discuss the Economic Transformation Programme organised by the Selangor government, had claimed Dr Mahathir had written to the World Bank seeking aid during the financial crisis.

This led to Dr Mahathir challenging Anwar to swear on the Quran in a mosque regarding his allegations and to show evidence the former premier had sought help from the World Bank.

However, in yesterday’s statement, Anwar neither accepted Dr Mahathir’s challenge to swear on a Quran nor rejected it.‘mahathir-took-world-bank-loans’

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rexuan says:

what a joke.. after all this while, now only dsai come out with this allegation. all of you pakataiks suckers dont believe the dsai’s humping of china doll movie but believe this last minute pru-13 allegation.. if indeed tun m took loan from imf wudnt malaysia now have to follow imf’s solution for the 98’s economic crisis but instead malaysia created its solution to the crisis.. so where’s the logik to dsai allegation?

nkkhoo says:

Sucker, are you so handicapped to read info written in English from the world bank website?

atuk says:

Inilah gejala masa kini. Terlampau banyak dipengaruhi Utusan, BTN, TV3… sampai kebenaran pun tak tahu.

nkkhoo says:

UMNO is too desperate to brainwash Malay youth and orang kampong with free 1Malaysia IPTV and Astro satellite TV.

hamzah says:

apanama 2 kali buat heart bypass ebab hukum karma panjangkan umurnya agak satu hari nanti satu judgement depan matanya sendiri …. biar kita semua tonton kelak.

rexuan says:

what hukum karma? r u saying hukum karma n not god that lengthen tun m’s age? r u a muslim or not? r u a god to decide what judgement awaits tun m? if u r a muslim than u better say ur syahadah again.. hehe

atuk says:

Very soon the old man and his sons will meet the same fate of Gadafi and sons. Karma awaits.

Zam says:

Regardless whether he have sought help from World Bank or IMF, the most important fact is that our deficit kept increasing every year since 1998 after the DSAI sacking episode. The deficits and debts that our country is having right now was due to UMNO’s tradition: NOT helping the poor, but helping the cronies. So, regardless – the blame should still fall under TDM. He is the real failure of our country regardless of any tallest buildings that we have, or longest bridges that we have.

The most important fact that any Malaysian should know is that between 1992 till 1996 before the crisis, when DSAI was the Finance Minister, Malaysia was always in the “blue/black” and was never in the “red”. Only later when he was sacked, the “red” UMNO made our country really-really bloody “RED”.

It is already a red alarm. We should vote for ABU!

nkkhoo says:

1 trillion RM black money outflow in last 10 year has put Malaysia the most corrupt nation (per capita GDP) in the world.

Wan Ikram says:

Tun M said Anwar got no proof and dare not sumpah in mosque.
So PKR again could not convince the malays.

nkkhoo says:

Only those Malays watching local TVs believe Mahathir’s story.

Muar Boy says:

no wonder apanama’s son house is such a luxury by normal msian standard !