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Perhilitan is another corrupt agency


A’Famosa Resort World’s owner is a Muar Chinese tycoon, he is also the boss of Leong Hup Group.

As long as you are rich and willing to donate fund to UMNO politicians, you are immune from Malaysian laws.

I did write to Perhilitan about 30 ft python was illegally captured. The reply from Perhilitan is the python was found dead and case closed. Later I found out the python is still alive from the newspapers.

Report the case to MCMC is like asking a corrupt man catching another corrupt man.

Perhilitan still up to their old tricks


From Arjunan Rawichandran, via e-mail

Regardless of regular and stinging criticisms for putting personal friendships before the welfare of animals, it appears Perhilitan are wanting to show their old friends at the A’Famosa golf resort they can still count on them for favours’.

Moves are afoot to return orangutans to A’Famosa. This is despite the resort’s management having in the past been caught in possession of illegally obtained orangutans, and they were never prosecuted.

In more recent times, only after a barrage of public complaints did Perhilitan remove all the orangutans from A’Famosa where they had been held indoors for a year, in disgusting conditions, and in breach of our law.

Along with many others I look forward to a day when Perhilitan will enforce the law and stop favouring their many friends who trade in and abuse animals.

Giving orangutans back to A’Famosa would be like returning to their illegal paymasters and traffickers, children rescued from the illegal trade and a life of physical abuse.

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Hai-O says:

Very soon the jabatan haiwan will press zoo melaka to supply all the animal shit for its contractor or face shutting down.

nkkhoo says:

Zoo Melaka is managed by Perhilitan. Are they shotting themself?

Shiva Lucian says:

yes its true …anson wong and perhilitan are friends…

niceguy says:

harap pagar, pagar makan padi

Mike Simmons says:

Just curious.. Did you report it to perhilitan after you found out from newspaper that the python is still alive?

nkkhoo says:

They already replied the python was dead. More inquiries will receive the same reply. Go to their facebook for records.

atuk says:

Perhilitan collaborates with Anson Wong the Lizard King?

nkkhoo says:

The Perhilitan chief lady was transferred out from Penang, not a single legal action was taken against her.