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How many foreign visitors are Tamil spoken?


The decision to have announcements in more languages in KLIA and international airports has to be made based on statistics and data. Too many announcements will be a nuisance to airport users who do not understand the languages. There should be a limit on how many languages used in the public announcement.

Can Malaysia Airports Berhad make a pareto analysis on tourist arrivals and share it with the public on top three airport users according to their language spoken. I suspect Indian visitors mostly are English and Hindi speakers, Tamil speakers are in a minority since only 5% Indian population are Tamil descendants.

Go ahead to add Tamil language announcement if Tamil spoken visitors are in the top three airport users, otherwise let scrap the idea for lesser noise pollution in our airports.

Limit languages for airport announcements

I REFER to the news report in The Star, that the Transport Ministry plans to have Tamil announcements at KLIA, LCCT.

Such a decision has to be made based on statistics and data.

Too many announcements will be a nuisance to airport users who do not understand the languages. There should be a limit on languages used for public announcements.

Can Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad do an analysis on tourist arrivals, and share it with the public, pertaining to the top three airport users according to language spoken.

I suspect visitors from India are mostly Hindi speakers. Tamil-speaking visitors may be in a minority, since only 5% of the Indian population are Tamils.

Go ahead and add announcements in Tamil if it is shown that Tamil-speaking visitors are among the top three airport users, otherwise scrap the idea.

Kuala Lumpur.

Transport Ministry wants Tamil announcements at KLIA, LCCT

PUTRAJAYA: The Transport Ministry wants announcements to be made in the Tamil language at Malaysifa’s international airports.

In a statement Wednesday, Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha has recommended that announcements in Tamil be made available in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) starting next year.

“The Government is aware of the needs of all levels of society in the country, and this is in line with the 1Malaysia concept that is currently in practice,” said Kong.

He added that the recommendation was made after taking into consideration public demands, the needs of the Indian community in the country, and the volume of passengers arriving from Indian cities like Chennai.

According to Kong, 434,050 passengers were received by KLIA and LCCT this year from Chennai, with 207,697 departures and 226,353 arrivals.

“The Government realised that almost 90% of the passengers who take the Chennai route understand Tamil rather than English due to differences in accents,” said Kong.

“To make sure that these passengers understand the information and announcements made (in the airports), the Government has agreed to the proposal of having announcements in the Tamil language, especially when there are flights to Chennai, India,” he added.

Kong said he agreed with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that there would not be a problem with finding announcers fluent in Tamil as there are many who have good command of the language in the country.

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after demands for Tamil, next we get demands for Hokkien as many are now crazy about Astro’s Hua Hee Tai.

do you watch any series on Astro ? Recommend you channel 333. don’t need high definition astro beyond. Not sure if Muar people prefer Spore seires or taiwan series.

nkkhoo says:

I do not watch any local TV stations for many years already.

Dr. Dre says:

You must watch the all-time highest grossing Bollywood hit movie ‘3 Idiots’ to be shown on TV3 at 10pm on 28 December.
Good storyline with good morals (especially if you are engineering student) with Kareena Kapoor as female lead (voted th most beautiful Asian actress recently.

This 2010 movie will open in China soon. Stephen Chow (of Shaolin Kung Fu fame) and Hollyod has bought the rights to make a Chinese and English version of the movie respectively.

Watch this movie and be inspired with ‘All Is Well’.
My takeaway from the movie is the understanding why many malaysian students scored As in exams but failed miserably in workplace and in life. Don’t miss it.

nkkhoo says:

Most Chinese students scored >90% for modern mathematics. In one occasion, my teacher decided to use British O-level paper in our final exam. The results were horrible, most of the Chinese students scored 50-70%, and almost all Malay students flunk.

I studied additional mathematics at my own in Form 4 because no qualified teacher was assigned to my rural school. I had proved to my headmaster wrong who said no way student can study additional math without the guidance of a qualified teacher.

My batch was finally sent to another better suburban school during Form 5 to join their science class.

Rajen says:

many dialects from india. AR Rahman music can be played at airport as such appeal across the spectra of indian continent.
instead of grumbling, the indians very likely to dance to the tunes.