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Doctor in UM Hospital used non-contact method to diagnose patient

ball pen diagnosis

My elder brother did visit UM Hospital once, a Malay female doctor used ball pen instead of her fingers to diagnose his numbed hand.

I am not sure the ball pen diagnosis method is patented by UM or not, at least the Malay female doctor was creative enough to invent non-contact method not found elsewhere.

My brother complained to me through phone, I replied to him for what, I am not the top management for UM hospital. I told him walked straight to UM hospital administrative office to see the head and complained to him/her.

UM hospital management was surprised for knowing such ball pen non-contact method used by a female doctor because no one ever complained to them. They promised would take action against the doctor.

My brother did not follow up the complaint. I am not sure what action was taken against the female doctor.

The Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai should make surprise visits to hospitals to see himself on actual conditions instead of relying on KPI reports from his subordinates.

Traumatic experience at Universiti Hospital

MY husband and son hit by a bus in Brickfields on Dec 4. My son was thrown on the pavement and my husband a few metres away.

Some people helped them and called the ambulance.

Within minutes an ambulance arrived and took us to the Universiti Hospital.

It was a traumatic moment for me to see both of them bleeding profusely.

But my biggest trauma was the experience at UH. When we reached the hospital no medical staff took any action to treat them immediately. Both knees of my husband were badly injured and bleeding and my son’s head was bleeding from a deep cut.

There was neither a stretcher nor a wheelchair for them to lie down on or to sit in.

The person who was registering their personal details into her computer was having a hard time printing the form because her printer was not working. She was constantly removing the carbon printer and reloading it.

Eventually, she could not give me the form and told me to take my husband and son to the consultation room at the other end of the emergency room. They had to walk there.

In the consultation room, I told the nurse to attend to them immediately as it was already an hour since the accident happened and I was afraid they may get infected.

However, she did not have the documents and said she had to wait for them. After making some noise the staff gave both of them anti-infection jabs.

Eventually they asked both of them to go to another room, that was away from the consultation room, to have their wounds cleaned.

In the room a woman was chatting with a man. She looked at both of them and did not ask anything nor attend to them until I told her to clean their wounds and do the necessary.

She just looked at me and continued talking to the guy.

When I asked her who would be attending to my husband and son she said “Ya lah! nak buat lah ini” and took her own sweet time putting on her gloves while still chatting with the man.

A few minutes later another man came in but did nothing.

After an hour with nothing done I had no choice but to rush them to another hospital in a friend’s car.

Is it not mandatory for hospital staff to provide emergency medical care to victims of accidents without waiting for formalities?

The medical staff may have seen worst cases but they should treat every case that comes through the emergency ward with urgency, immaterial whether it’s life threatening or not.

The injuries sustained by my husband and son were not minor. Both of them required multiple stitches.

The accident itself was traumatic but the experience at Universiti Hospital was a bigger trauma.

However, I would like to thank all the people at the scene of the accident who helped my husband and son and also those who offered to take us to the hospital in their cars before the ambulance arrived.


Kuala Lumpur.

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Marbus says:

The Malay female doctor can sense your pulse without feeling it with hand?
How do they do it?

ferhad says:

Call it the spirit of Malaysia Boleh!

Theodore says:

It has been a common practice for a long time that Muslim lady doctor in Malaysian hospital take the pulse of the male patient using a pencil. malaysia Boleh!

Hai-O says:

Because muslim lady doctor cannot touch non-muslim guy.
So use pencil to agak the pulse rate.

nkkhoo says:

She either goes find other job or stays at home serving her husband as a smart wife.