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More As mean more smart?

I asked my nephew who scored 11As (9A1 + 2A2) in SPM are their generation truly smarter than my generation? He humbly replied no, the exam standard is low nowadays.

Any statistician will tell you making examination performance comparison with previous years is totally meaningless. A scientific examination marking for grading is not a fixed percentage, it’s adjustable percentage depending on percentile and distribution of the exam result in the said population.

The reasons are as below,

1. Two different populations.

2. Two different sets of examination papers.

3. The passing and grading marks are not fixed, a loophole can be manipulated by the authorities.

I quote an example in my old day, no student in my school would score A1 in biology paper if a fixed grading mark like 80% was used as A1 yardstick. Many biology examination questions in that year were designed to test a student’s analytical thinking power, not the memory power as we thought in the class. Many students were stunned and panicked (me too!), some have to be calmed down by the field examiners.

The SPM result in that year is I was only one scored A1 in biology, no A2 either in my school. Probably less than 10 students in entire Muar scored A1 in biology subject.

Don’t be misled by BN government on such nonsense story that this year students are performed better (or worst which is normally censored in local mass media) than last year.

Such year to year comparison is a meaningless exercise in statistics. This is tantamount to comparing an apple and an orange.

More score straight As in PMR exam


Slimmer gap between and rural students

PUTRAJAYA: THIS year’s Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination results were the best in the last four years, with more students scoring straight As.

Of the 481,147 students who sat the examination, 30,863 or 7.77 per cent obtained Grade A, compared with 30,863 (7.02 per cent) last year.

Education director-general Datuk Seri Abd Ghafar Mahmud said he was happy with the results, which showed a slimmer gap between urban and rural students.

“This is the best PMR achievement for 17 subjects in the last four years, based on the National Average Grade.

“The achievements are due to the efforts of teachers, parents and the students,” he said at a press conference yesterday.

The results also saw more scoring Grade A in Mathematics, Science and English. But there was a decline in As for the Malay, Mandarin and Iban language papers, as well as Islamic studies.

Ghafar said the National Average Grade showed 2.71 points this year, compared with 2.74 last year, 2.78 in 2009 and 2.83 in 2008.

A performance index comparing urban and rural students showed 2.61 and 2.90, respectively. The highest band for excellent performance index is zero.

Ghafar said the number of rural students with Grade A in all subjects increased to 6,474 (4.28 per cent), compared with 5,825 students (3.81 per cent) last year.

The number of urban students scoring Grade A in all subjects also went up by 0.86 per cent, from 24,084 students (8.86 per cent) last year to 26,189 (9.72 per cent) this year.

The number PMR candidates this year increased by 3,408 (0.75 per cent) from last year.

Students with Grade E in all subjects dropped by 40 from 386 (0.09 per cent) last year to 346 (0.08 per cent). Those with a minimum D (not including all As) climbed to 272,966 (61.88 per cent) this year from last year’s 265,388 (60.39 per cent).

Students who scored Grade A in Malay language dropped from 27.6 to 26.3 per cent, but there was an increase in Grades B, C and D for the paper.

For English, Grade A scorers increased by 0.8 per cent from 17.6 per cent last year to 18.8 this year.

The same was seen in Mathematics and Science, for which the number of Grade A scorers increased by 1.3 and 4 per cent, respectively.

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Marbus says:

Very strange thing can happen in PMR and SPM.
My son has never got A in any subject in school exams.
But he scored six As in SPM!


i prefer my chidren to learn the vocational skills.
too many As then white collar jobs/careers (too saturated with exam oriented graduates) will be hard to seek after.
By 2020, a plumber or a car repairman can earn as much as an engineer.
however, some say civil service still the best. Got many lepak hours (tea break & @@@@ breaks) and guaranteed retirement fund provident government does not go bankrupt.

Fuad says:

Open a tuition centre, drill the students to answer past year questions and you will help students scoring As while you make all the $$$!

nkkhoo says:

My friend’s wife asked her daughter scores zero mark, no punishment from her. Her daughter refused to listen to her advice for shameful pressure from her peers.

Hai-O says:

It’s election time and BN is sending good vibes by offering more As to syiok the parents and to win more votes.

Gerry says:

You can see on TV1 and TV3 news how the malay parents are so grateful to BN for granting As to their kids.