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Why Khir Toyo has to face music?

All UMNO politicians are corrupt, and why only Khir Toyo was charged in court?

The reason is Najib has to please Chinese community who generally to believe that Khir Toyo is the black hand who murdered Teoh Beng Hock.

Teoh Beng Hock incident has caused Najib and its BN losing many Chinese neutral votes.

Send Khir Toyo to jail with corruption charges will help BN to regain some Chinese neutral votes which are critical for BN to defeat PR in Selangor.

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Dr. Dre says:

FYI. Please attend and update us the content of the speech.

Ceramah Perdana & Amanat DSAI.
Date: 3 Januari, Selasa
Time: 8.00 Malam.
Venue: Markaz Pas Pt.Pechah, Muar.

nkkhoo says:

I am in KL.

Gabriel says:

i was in Mumbai & Delhi recently. My first trip to India. Corruption is ramphant in India. Feudal thinking where the powerful (rich & of higher class status) dictates. One of the oldest civilizations yet the mentality still kind of primitive 🙁

nkkhoo says:

We used to have a joke in the class for management, “British invented the bureaucratic system, India perfects it.”

India long-term progress will be hindered by its deep rooting bureaucratic mindset as Bolehland.

Gerry says:

If you watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, you will see the huge disparity of the rich and poor in India. The Indians still believe in the caste system, and the rich rather waste their money than to help the poor. Perhaps it is in their DNA, as the same attribute is seen in the Indians in Malaysia.

nkkhoo says:

Wealth disparity in Malaysia actually is more serious than India based on world bank data.

Poor Malaysians can still survive because of huge subsidies on basic necessities like rice, cooking oil, sugar, healthcare and schooling.

Marbus says:

For how long can BN continue to provide subsidy?
Our oil is diminishing!

Dr. Dre says:

Don’t speak too soon. Toyol will expose something on 9 January, the day Anwar gets his verdict. Maybe both of them can share the same cell?

nkkhoo says:

Anwar will be in jail is 99% confirm.

BN will win back Kedah and Selangor because of Indian voters.

They are so happy with 1.5% Indians in local public universities, that is a truly pariah mindset, you do not need to read “interlok” to be brainwashed about Indian mentality.

songlap says:

So the Indians are indeed the kingmaker in the next election?

Once BN is back into office, you can bet Interlok will be reinstated as SPM text, because of pressure from Perkasa and too much unsold units by DBP.


coffee talk : turn the condo into jail ala pudu to accomodate corrupted political figures.

this may be a reality when the bn skeletons in the closet are revealed.

Eng Hock says:

for his “good behavior” the jail sentence may soon be reduced to 1 month after GE13.
never mind losing the “Bali” condo. Khir got a biiger one at Disneyland !

Dr. Dre says:

Toyol was strangely charged under Penal Code and not under the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Act where the minimum imprisonment period is two years and will automatically disqualify him for the next general election.

Such manipulation allows Toyol to appeal. He will not lose his state seat and he can contest in the next election.

More drama on 9 January.