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What to do with bad sectors harddisk? Any solution?

I think I should share with my readers about this matter, buying a new harddisk is not an option with its price increases almost 200% after flooding in Thailand.

The Windows will always hang with blue screen or stop working at all if the bad section problem is serious.

I used to do low level reformat with IBM disk manager for IDE harddisk, but this software is no longer available for SATA harddisk. Free disk manager, Acronis True Imange from WD or Seagate only can do zero formatting, not repairing or mask out bad sectors in your harddisk.

If your Windows is still working, go to drive letter for the said harddisk, right click to bring out a window, click on [Properties], then [Tools], and then [Error-checking]. Click on a [Check now] button, and tick both disk options.

In case your Windows already crash, transfer the harddisk to another computer, do above error-checking procedure will able to reuse and extend the life of your harddisk.

I have to use an external harddisk enclosure (cost me about RM80) attached to my netbook to rescue my clashed PC harddisk because I lazy to visit and borrow friend’s PC for this purpose.

The harddisk enclosure only used once, I do not mind to resell to you at RM40+RM7 shipping cost if you need it.

CHKDSK function actually worsen the damage of harddisk, one must use CHKDSK with extreme care because if the disk is failing imminently, such operation may stress the disk to a point of complete failure. Put it ironically, if you have a good working disk, try it. If you think your disk is failing imminently, so refrain from using CHKDSK.

A rule of thumb, always back up your harddisk before too late. I fully recovered all data and Windows XP from the crashed harddisk with its backup image.

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RM3.35/Hour Fan says:

it shows for a whacker like nkkhoo there’s a heart for a better and fair world.
i wish you peace away from hatred and still can whack hard at injustice. this way u can receive more karma merits.
happy new year

Gerry says:

Yes, he should channel his hatred towards BN.

nkkhoo says:

I am fair to BN and PR. No evil will escape my condemnation whether it’s from BN or PR.

Gerry says:


You are good in computing.
It will be good if you could provide computing tips from time to time for your readers.
Appreciate if you could recommend useful freeware (utilities, video tools).
Your readers like me will fully appreciate it. Thank you in advance. Happy New Year to you.

nkkhoo says:

Check under the IT category, they are freeware recommendations.

Marbus says:

Thank you.

Gabriel says:

RE: WD and Seagate should shift their final assembly factories back to Malaysia

need to pay “goodwill” money to secure operation in Msia ?

may be not in Penang with CAT priciples in place. Seagate can make full assembly at Bayan Lepas if so. WD in Selangor i think.

nkkhoo says:

Ex-plant owned by Applied Magnetics is still vacant I believe. It can easily be converted to HGA, HSA and HDA lines by Seagate or WD.

Hard Disk Beng says:

hav you ever encountered “disc cyclic redundancy error” before ?
CHKDSK no help on this. Basically the folders can be seen but no access to the data.

fyi 1TB Western Digital external harddisk costs close to RM390 (was RM269 during Oct PC Fair, RM219 during July PC Fair, and as low as RM199 at one time).
according to british pc magazine, Western Digital factories in Thailand is now behind 20 Million production units hence the soaring prices we are seeing now.

nkkhoo says:

I had worked in four harddisk companies before, had made harddisk from head slider till final assembly.

Yes, CRC errors were seen since one year ago. Usually my 24X7 non-stop PC harddisk shelf life is five years with proper ventilation. Overheating is the number one killer in harddisk.

500G WD 3.5 harddisk was sold RM110 before Thailand floods, the latest price in Low Yat is RM285-300. Its retail price is 180% up!

All factory equipment were damaged, repairing them is a manmoth task, so harddisk production only fully recover after 2012.

WD and Seagate should shift their final assembly factories back to Malaysia, a place with almost natural disaster free.

songlap says:

Going by your analysis, Seagate Penang will have a boom time in 2012?

nkkhoo says:

Do they have extra slider head capacity?

Slider fab facilities are not cheap. I planned for a new slider fab plant, the cost is huge and timeline to get new equipment can be as long as 2 year.

Ignorant Uncle says:

what’s the best cure for CRC problem ?
Is there a simple tool to recover affected files due to CRC ?
thks for your advice.

nkkhoo says:

CRC can be due to disk damaged or file corrupted. I do no think there is a way to recover data from physically damaged zones. File corrupted data could be recovered with many software. Go to professional data recovery expert to do the job if your data is super critical to your business or your life.

Try this software,