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Who should go? Karpal or Ramasamy

DAP without Karpal is going stray and arrogant, BN styled corruption and cronyism will prevail in the DAP.

Penang sPICE and Penang Hill Kancil car park are typical corruption, cronyism and nepotism (KKN in Indonesia) cases as practiced by BN.

Lim Kit Siang should know sPICE project is totally wrong, but his will keep silence because his golden son is in charge and responsible for sPICE. This is the blind spot for parents when they are dealing with their sons or daughters.

Ramasamy must go, says Karpal


GEORGE TOWN: The spat between DAP chairman Karpal Singh and Dr P. Ramasamy has reignited with the veteran leader demanding that the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II resign from his post for making allegations against party leaders.

Karpal said Dr Ramasamy’s position was no longer tenable in the state government because he had defied a directive from the party’s three-member committee not to talk about their spat to the press.

“He has made baseless allegations against party leaders and his statement amounts to attempted corruption,” he said at a press conference here yesterday.

Karpal referred to a report in The Star on Friday quoting Dr Ramasamy as saying that his critics were plotting against him because he did not respond to their overtures for projects and favours.

“Till now, he has not denied making the statements.

“If the allegations are true, I challenge him to lodge a report to the police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission,” he said.

Karpal said the matter was now beyond the “godfather-warlord” squabble and has gone to “a dangerous level”.

“The ball is now in his court to react to my statement,” he added.

Dr Ramasamy had earlier hit out at his critics for their “grand design” to oust him.

He said the people would be astounded if he revealed what some grassroots leaders had demanded from him.

On Dec 15, the committee comprising party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, life advisor Dr Chen Man Hin and parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang said the dispute between the two leaders had been resolved.

Dr Ramasamy, when contacted yesterday, declined to comment.

Last night, Kit Siang tweeted that DAP leaders should resolve their differences using party channels, and not fall into the trap of the mainstream media.

Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow called on party members to remain calm over the spat.

“This is to allow the party’s central executive committee to continue in the mediation and find a solution to resolve the matter,” he said in a statement.

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RM3.35/Hour Fan says:

RTM News tonight reported Rama to be fired for going against the top; supported by views from that young defected singh (another katak from pakatan) – forgot his name.

Looks like BN’s media is leveraging on DAP dispute. Also film footage of Ngah’s wife tailor shop in Ipoh; claiming the shop only went into business when Pakatan was in office.

Soon they will make topics for discussion in Sembang Rakyat.

Marbus says:

We can easily see that TV1 and TV3 are now reporting propaganda daily in an intensive way.
Malaysia is no different from North Korea in fooling it’s people.
Soon all the Makciks wiill cry at the old man’s funeral?

Gabriel says:

Star paper has scored big publishing Rama’s statement to start the conflict.

CSL proves his sabotaging skills beyond the bedroom skills ?

Gerry says:

Stupid for Rama to engage The Star who is actually a mouthpiece for BN out to create damage to Pakatan.

Gabriel says:

watch out for more trojan horses in penang.

tan tee beng was an example.

nkkhoo says:

There are no trojan horses except the party itself corrupts from inside out.

Gabriel says:

RTM & TV3 news have daily doses showing “imcompetence” of Pakatan in Selangor, penang & Kedah !

wonder if the senr editors there will keep their rice bowls in Putrajaya cas a change of ownership next year ?

nkkhoo says:

City young voters are busy in facebook. BN TVs will not influence them. news broadcasts only watch by less than 1000 visitors.

TV3 live broadcast for Najib’s budget speech was watched by 7 visitors!

songlap says:

What is the response to najib’s 1Malaysia TV?
Can it divert traffic from facebook?

Mr Os (local comedian) said is WTF = Welcome to Facebook.
That’s why youngsters used the term loosely nowadays.

DAP folks (Rama) asked for problems when they gave interview to The Star, who will merrily twist the facts.

nkkhoo says:

It was said Malaysiakini reporters also present. Do you think Star is stupid to twist the interview.

Ramasamy is an academic turned politician who has no tactful way of expressing his views.

Only such naive politician like to be interviewed by BN mouthpieces after a series of spats with Karpal.