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Another BN project :: Collapsed walkway in Tanjung Mas Muar

The soils under a section of walkway were washed away by waves since two years ago. BN government has money to loan out to NFC for cow bungalow investment, but no money to repair collapsed walkway.

DAP Bakri MP has to volunteer himself to put up zink barrier which was blown off yesterday because Muar city council’s workers all in holiday.

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Justin Hew says:

By the same principle, would the Lynas plant in Kuantan one day also collapse like this to expose teh radiation risk?

Manson says:

That is why you will have to pray harder once BN is back into office, for the safety of your children.

RM3.35/Hour Fan says:

now i understand why my peers left Msia to seek greener pasture elsewhere when they r in their 30’s.
I think many hav reaped benefits. A friend left in 90s with ringgit fortune converted to Aussie dollars; and now he made even more from currency exchange gain alone !
My fear our Ringgit will be like pesos worth by 2020 🙁

RM3.35/Hour Fan says:
Towards a bankrupt Malaysia? by Subramaniam Pillay

so in future where got $ to repair collapsed walkway in the country ??????

Gerry says:

Good article and a must read for all, especially those who took the RM500 BR1M that will contribute to nation’s debt.

nkkhoo says:

Don’t be guilty to take RM500 from BN.

Gerry says:

Yes. Once you take the bait those Hasil flers will come knocking at your door.
You may end up paying more tax!

nkkhoo says:

BN does not appreciate your refusal to take RM500. GST after GE13 is for sure if BN wins again.