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Besides most corrupt, Bolehland is holding most foreign workers title in the world

Whether these sectors are opened or not, these sectors already filled with foreign workers. New policy is just to cover up the lack of enforcement and corruption in the government.

There are only two stalls staffed by local among the 40-50 stalls in KK food court behind the Econ supermarket in Taman Connaught.

By legalizing foreign workers for these sectors, more money will be collected by UMNO agents to support GE13.

This is another form of legal human trafficking!

With UMNO foreign labor friendly policy, local low income groups will be squeezed out from the job market, the only options for them are becoming beggars, prostitutes, mat rempit and robbers.

Indians are the most affected group, but they are so happy with UMNO. I call it slavery or pariah mindset inherited from the caste system.

Malaysia is heading to a pariah nation flooded with foreign workers hired by rich tycoons is a certain fate.

Government relaxes labour rules

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government has reopened 10 sectors and 11 sub-sectors under services previously frozen for the 6P amnesty programme.

Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam said the decision, effective immediately, was on condition that the employment of workers and illegal immigrants was only for two years.

“At the same time, the informal sector, namely foreign maids, was approved for the legalising process,” he said.

“This decision was made by the Deputy Prime Minister as chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Workers and Illegal Immigrants and it is valid until the legalising process is completed,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Mahmood said the decision followed appeals from various parties who wanted the matter to be reviewed.

The 10 outside policy sectors are croupier, mining/quarrying, mangrove wood, stall/cafe/canteen/catering, restaurant, fast food, grasscutter, newspaper vendor, house and vehicle cleaners, and car workshop workers.

The 11 sub-sectors are scrap metal, cargo handling, welfare home, spa/reflexology, hotel, golf caddy, laundry, barber, goldsmith, wholesale and retail and textile business.

He said the ministry had opened a third one-stop centre for the legalising process at the Seberang Jaya Immigration Department in Penang.

All three centres will operate daily from 8am to 5pm until the process ends on Jan 10.

For more information, visit or call the ministry’s hotline 03-8880 1157.

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Maniam says:

It is highly likely that the 6P exercise is to harvest thumbprints and photos from banglas, filipinos, indons,nepalis etc so as to transplant them onto new identity cards of those malaysians who are overseas. Then they are regarded as voters.

Jom Pantau!

nkkhoo says:

I think so. Those people have never registered as voters are mysteriously registered as voters. Banglas or Indonesians will turn out to vote for them.

Eminem says:

Malaysia’s vision is only one.By 2020 it should become like Zimbabwe.

USM Alumi says:

Are you an alumni of Universiti Sains Malaysia ?

Last week i went back to Penang. Was at Sungai Dua (USM backyard) and surprised to see many significant changes like :

a) more overseas students. Arabs and Aficans (those who like like Akon & Adebayor) frequenting food outlets like KFC, Kopitan, McD, and usual Mamak joints.

b) more foreign labours around. Even my favourite wan Tan Mee is now prepared by Indon maids !

c) the graduans are more conservative in dressings.

d) Traditional chinaman biz (like coffee shops & sundry shops) taken over by franchises and corporate types biz.

So the distinct changes is that Penang is getting more cosmopolitan in outlook. Good or bad time will tell.

nkkhoo says:

I am not usm alumni. Your observations are seen every where in local public universities.

I believe UMNO needs Arabic and African gene to make Malay more smarter. Anyway, Malay girls have no problem to accept them.

Skodeng says:

Sad to see many Msian Indians still live in poverty especially single parents with many kids on RM450/mth salary as cleaners !

Semi Value’s Micley Mouse Club have main main the maika way the community still stuck in caste mindset believing their feudal lords as heroes “rajanikanth-like” to lead them out of poverty.
Sad but true and so called champions like Maka-Sakti further spins them into oblivion.

RM3.35/Hour Fan says:

those migrants foreign “talents” pick up Bahasa along the way, learn the ali-baba culture, and woo the local minahs to acquire perkasa endorsement then get assimilated into the social norms of apanama society.
sooner or later they will make a leap towards barang naik corporate world and who knows they will make it into the management of Felda International !
truly the apanama 2020 boleh vision !!!!!!

Gerry says:

According to Umno, a foreign born Bangla is more ‘bumi’ than any Chinese or Indians born (and pay taxes) in Malaysia. A sad reality.

nkkhoo says:

I wonder where Uitm get the Malay genome for analysis? If the sample is taken from Mahathir, Malay genome will be misrepresented.

Marbus says:

We export good talent to help the economy of other countries while importing low quality people to our country.

This is the biggest flaw of BN!

Gerry says:

The agent (Umno-linked) will get all the commision to bring in these Banglas and Indons. That’s why the number is increasing. Maybe it is the hidden agenda to widen the gene pools of the malays to make it more perkasa? The malay girls are crazy over those Shah Ruth Kahn-look alike. Umno also can make them instant citizens to vote in GE. So much ‘incentive’ for Umno to bring in Indons and Banglas.