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Five reasons you should not buy Asus products! Don't tell me I do not warn you.

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1 Jan 2012: Asus Malaysia Customer Service head has responded positively after my email fired to Asus CEO yesterday. I will meet up with him when I send in my netbook for repair.

3 Jan 2012: Asus replied online inquiry after one week.

3 Jan 2012: Stanley was trying his best to resolve this small matter, but the super slow internet speed in Asus service center for downloading drivers is wasting my time (About three hours are wasted for non-value added activity).

6 Jan 2012: The netbook was reset to default setting after its touch pad driver restoration failed.

I deem this case is closed. Asus is still having a bright future because its CEO cares about voice of customer.

This is my after sales service rating for a few computer manufacturers I deal with for last 10 years.

No 1: Dell Computer with 5/5. The customer service is professional and replied to inquiries within 24 hours during working days. Dell send in technician to customer site to repair and troubleshoot PCs.

No 2: Asus Computer with 3/5. Asus is having a convenient service center in Low Yat, and they have to improve poor processes.

No 3: NEC with 2/5 because it only has service center in Prai Penang.

No 4: Acer with 1/5. Acer took six months to replace my notebook LCD.

Their hardware quality and reliability can be found here >>>

1. The product quality is poor.

My Asus 1015PX netbook keyboard is having jumping cursor issue. The problem is random, and I have difficulty to repeat it when I send it for repair.

My suspect is my plams incidentally touching/rubbing the over sensitive touch pad. The bloody hell is there is no way I can disable the touchpad by [Fn][F3] or disable it via Elan driver.

All function keys are not working.

2. Asus does not honor 2-year warranty extension after online registration.

I had registered my netbook online within a week of purchase, Asus never replied the registration was successful or not and whether the warranty extension is granted or not unlike Canon.

3. Asus online and offline customer services are poor and suck.

Do not expect any reply within 48 hours, you should be happy if Asus does reply you after 48 hours.

I have talked to a few Asus customers, and realized that Asus customer service is worst than any Malaysia GLCs.  

Case 1: A Malay guy has to visit Asus service center for five times before his phone casing was replaced.

Case 2: Another Malay guy also has to wait for two months for LCD replacement.

Case 3: A service staff member switched off his handphone, but still asking a lady customer called his handphone.

I asked them how to disable touchpad, unfortunately they do not know how. They even claimed that the touchpad driver in my netbook is missing, but when I asked back how on earth a touchpad can work without a driver.

Asus service technician was hiding in the back room and refused to answer me face to face.

His innovative solution is reformat and reinstall Windows in my netbook. I almost uttered “fxxx your asshole” on the spot. Since I can manage my emotion well and also feel no point scolding these people working in the field who have no say in the management matter.

4. Asus Malaysia customer center is packed with angry customers.

I have to wait for 1 hour 15 minutes before my turn to hand in my netbook for troubleshooting. The front counter staff members are helpful, but its technical personnel are having attitude problem with poor technical knowhow and knowledge.

5. New service center address is not updated in its website.

Asus has moved its service center to Low Yat Plaze on 28 December 2011, but it never updated new center info in its website. I only noticed  the center was shifted to Low Yat after I visited SPS Plaza.

My action plans are:

– I decided to bring back my netbook and told them that I will write a complaint to Asus CEO directly.


– Post a free write-up in my blog about Asus poor quality and service.


– File the case in the consumer tribunal for faulty netbook if a first repair is not properly carried out.


Of course I will not buy Asus product in future unless all other computer manufacturers are wound out for business.

Asus is suck! These are five reasons you should not buy Asus products, don’t tell me that I do not warn you in advance.

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Shark says:

Who have email customer service my friend say but was reject by sever WTF…. Sent warranty almost 2 month also dont finish yet…. i using this laptop A55VD only 25 day then motherboard asus burn….. WTF so pooor this sercive….. XXXXXXXX Asus Malaysia

nkkhoo says:

How about email listed in the Asus’s website?

Shark says:

dont have yet already check the list…..

raj says:

Buy HP as their core focus is still PC and not tablet.

nkkhoo says:

Have you experienced HP customer service? Another suck.

Christine Hee says:

One word can describe Asus Customer Service Plaza Low Yat is

nkkhoo says:

They are outsourcing company, not Asus staff. Agree, they are suck.

Christine Hee says:

One word can describe Asus Customer Service Plaza Low Yat is

saskin says:

I bought my son an Asus laptop. Not even two weeks the usb port plastic piecee is now broken. Two usb ports are affected. Went to the Penang asus service centre and was attended by a very rude technician called Ricky. He said this is human error problem. I told we have 5 computers at home and none of them has this problem. So it cannot be a human issue. But hec wadv ery rude and confrontational. At the end of it he even came out and took my picture. Which i think is like behaving like gangster. I tried calling stanley butbhe said wrong number. Can you give me d phone numver for senior person in charge of service at assus malaysia?

nkkhoo says:

I will pass the Asus CEO’e mail to your private email for your private use. Make the complaint directly to Asus CEO.

Stanley is a Taiwanese posted to Malaysia after I complained to Asus CEO. He is the most senior guy in Malaysia.

My card reader in my Asus netbook went kaput just shortly after one year warranty. I keep it that way because I do not want to repair it.

dp says:

I bought a Asus nexus 7 and the speaker was blown after TWO days.I did not use the speaker at all(except those system alert sound) but it blown just like that although I always keep the below 30%. Anyway I managed to get a brand new one from the shop I bought it as the shop has 1-to-1 exchange service within 7days you bought it. But the same problem occurred to me again after 2weeks of using! And I am not a heavy user as I just use it to surf internet. The tablet was standby on my table most the time. So I tried to call and Facebook message to Asus. But no one reply me at all. I am really disappointed with Asus now.. Can you send me the email of Asus CEO?

nkkhoo says:

Try to email Stanley Shih, the person assigned to Malaysia to clean up all shits done by their outsourcing after-sale-service company at

dp says:

Almost two months but I still haven’t get a reply from their fb and this email even though i resend the msg..

Regine Yee says:

I bought an Asus laptop, MOdel : U46SV, Serial NO : B8NOAS38218033B.

1st time visited :
The LCD cover and hinges are broken. I have Log in report at Asus service center in Low Yatt Plaza on 06/10/12. Asus customer said they will need to order part and they called me when the part is arrived. However, I can’t go to the service center immediately, as I have informed them that I am outstation and busy with works and I will be there for the repair and when I am ready. My Service No : MYA12A0630 (1st time).

My friend who also bought the same model, he has the same problem and we log in the report the same day.
Technician did called him to check on when he can be there for the repair, and my friends told them that we will be there on 10/12/12 which he also highlighted my unit will send in the same day. (P/S : NO one from Asus call me, to remind me on this repair, although he had. Asus only do randomly service ?)

2nd time visited :
We send in the unit on 10/12/12, he arrived one hour early than me on the same day. After two hours, his unit repaired and able to collect. I asked about my unit, because I did explained clearly to them that we can’t left our laptop there as we need to work every day especially during this year end peak season, but the customer service did not hear me clearly. Hence they told me they will inform their technician and repair my unit immediately. After 1 hour, customer services called me and told that me my unit was ready to collect, then we return back to the service center.
When I was there, I have told by them that in fact my laptop was NOT repair and they do not have parts available ! I feel so surprise with this, why they don’t know the part’s stock record and only know after so many hours ! and surprisingly they can even called me and told me my laptop is repaired ! (What kind of service that Asus has provided ? Cheating ?)
Then they started their explanation to me, told me that my part has return back when I am not there to repair when they call. But, I am surprise why they are someone to call my friend to remind him on the repair but they just return my part without notify me!
But the most stupid thing happened : Here come another customer service, he is trying to help and he is trying to check the stock, he told me the stock in fact is available but due to their system fault, they can’t located the part earlier. However, they can’t do the repair immediately because is 6pm and all the technician has gone home. They log in another report to me and I have informed them I will be there about 1 week or 1 week plus. They log in another report for me : MYA12C1093 (2nd time).

3rd time visited :
I went back to do the repair last Saturday (22/12/12). You won’t know how surprise I have told by the customer service, they said there do not have the stock available ! Shit ! Is their system fault AGAIN! I am there from morning 11:00, wait until 1 pm, they told me is system error, they actually do not have the part to repair ! Stupid ? and they said they have talked to their manager and their manager Mr. Klevin Lai ( ) and they promise he will call me on Monday (24/12/12) to inform me on this stock availability and will repair for me immediately. I told them I have already peace off with this kind of stupid service ! I need a new PC ! I am afraid this problem occur again and I need to experience all this stupid service again ! They really promised me, apologize to me that they will look into this immediately ! However, I don’t get any call from the Stupid Asus center until today 26/12/12 ! I even called them, no one pick up !

Asus seems proven me, their promise is EMPTY PROMISE ! Their System is lousy ! and they are helpess, hopeless !

Xiong Sheng says:

I have no problem with my Asus PC that has served me well.
anyway, do not expect good service for a PC or notebook now that the price is so low.

nkkhoo says:

Asus shall stop selling cheap PC if the service makes no sense to its profit.

cf says:

I wish I have read this web first..Yes..ASUStek Service is very bad..
My experience is that their technicians are just incompetent and do not know how to fix their own product.
On top, they want to scam you from inventing other issues that has nothing to do with the repair here in Markham Ontario, Canada..

I would not recommend buying any new ASUS products ..

anan says:

Agree with you ! i faced the same problem with their service ! damn Asus !

A. Mohtar says:

I bought the eee pad transformer prime on 11.3.2012. It refused to turn on after 16 days from the date of purchase. I sent for a repair and after 17 days, they managed to repair my tablet after constant harassment from my end.
Sadly, after repair, the tablet seems to shut down by itself. ive lost count. i think its more than 10 times now.
I filed a claim at the consumer’s tribunal.
However, can you email me the ceo’s email add?
I would like to shoot an email to him thanks.

nkkhoo says:

Please ask Malaysia Asus for its CEO email.

I think it’s not a right ethic for me to share Asus CEO’s email. Please contact Stanley 016 2108350, Asus HQ representative in Malaysia for after sale service.

asus_bonkerz says:

I am having problem with asus as well. just filed a case in tribunal.
i would appreciate if you could share with me the CEO e-mail address, as I am hoping to escalate the case based on very genuine grounds.

nkkhoo says:

I will give you Asus CEO’s email after you finish and win your case in the tribunal court.

rayson says:

heard of DMD? RM500 smartphone by this local brand is called nfc. ha ha! a tribute to shahrizat’s family?

jeff says:

TQ so much.. So now they replace u with a new unit or they refund to u? how long it takes to solve ur problem?

nkkhoo says:

The software is corrupt (may be due to my deletion), Asus reinstalled the software, it took 2 day.

Next time let get Dell computer for a better after sale service.

jeff says:

I having a same problem with u.. may i know how do u contact the ceo of ASUS?

nkkhoo says:

Asus is using a local business outsourcing company for its after sale service in Malaysia, their service is suck and stink.

I think it’s not a right ethic for me to share Asus CEO’s email. Please contact Stanley 016 2108350, Asus HQ representative in Malaysia for after sale service.

Maharaja Lawak says:

u bought cheaper Asus. More expensive models the quality is guaranteed.

nkkhoo says:

My NEC netbook was the cheapest model in the market, but no such quality issue.

Seems Asus does not reply to customer online inquiry for cheap model.

ferhad says:

you should get a heavy duty notebook pc since you are a heavy user that stress the product faster than it was designed.

nkkhoo says:

I incidentally used a permanent ink marker to write on my netbook. The solution is simple, rub it with a whiteboard marker to remove the permanent ink.

Can indelible ink be rubbed off with a same method?

niceguy says:

I think the whiteboard marker has thinner in it.

Regarding indelible ink. Do they stain the skin and/or the nail? Anyway, IMHO it is a backward move to use it in general election to prevent voters from double voting.

Isn’t there any easier and better method? How about passing a very stiff law if he is caught voting twice? Will it not be deterrent enough?

nkkhoo says:

Indelible ink with a secret chop to stamp ink on your nail is more proof. This is double protections not used in any country.

I shall patent this idea.

niceguy says:

Ladies who had spend good money at nail salons would disagree with the idea.

Dr. Dre says:

One way to cheat is to apply a layer of ‘artificial skin’. Indelible ink can be applied to this layer, and no trace at all after the layer is peeled off.

There is always a way to cheat in the election.
SPRM is answering to its master.

nkkhoo says:

There is finger print database for every Malaysian, I wonder why finger print is not used for verification purpose.

Finger print is more robust than indelible ink.

niceguy says:

Mykad has a chip with thumb print installed.

When I went to EPF to have a statement printed, they have a machine for you insert the mykad and scanned your thumb to verify that you are the rightful owner of the mykad.

Same with the auto gates at some entry points that scanned your passport and thumb.

If election personnel cannot be trusted to perform their duties ethically, maybe it is time to put in some similar system and at the same time gather information into the system on who has voted.

That’s the way to go, high tech; not some backward move for any nation that has vision to move forward into the future.