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Bolehland is number one expensive broadband charges in Asia Pacific

Let take best scenario with TMNUT Unifi 5MB VIP package for comparison, 1MB unit cost is RM 30 or USD 9.464.

For my case, 1 MB streamyx unit cost is RM 88 or USD 27.460. This comparison no yet factor in GDP per capita for these countries.

Thank PM Najib’s 1Malaysia for number one in everything.

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Qi says:

Notice you mentioned you eat Hainan bread which I really love too. I like it with crusty skin.

Where in Ipoh and KL would you recommend to find a good traditional loaf?

nkkhoo says:

I got Hainan bread from Cheras Giant hypermarkets. I believe you can get ii from Giant in Ipoh too.

Azmeer says:

Broadband charges in malaysia not only expensive, but also has unreasonable data quota.

So Rais Yatim expect people to waste their money to surf RTM ONline? The content is already bad and full of propaganda. Rais is desperate to improve his KPI before the election?

niceguy says:

“For my case, 1 MB streamyx unit cost is RM 88”

Same case with me, any recommendation to cut down the cost?

I signed up several years ago on a RM77 promotion package for 2 years – eventhough I hardly used it the 2nd year as I was mostly abroad.

I thought that after the initial couple of years, it will be cheaper; but…

(I think I can shave off at least RM100 monthly by changing to another package and cutting off Astro.)

Mr Santau says:

come to penang to enjoy free wi-fi courtesy of people-friendly pakatan folks. i surf for free past one year.

after PRU-13,every penang resident can get RM600 from savings out of CAT approach (corruption-free).

i think of buying a new canon camera with RM600. nkkhoo can recommend or not ?

nkkhoo says:

Any Japanese camera brand will do, and also make sure made in Japan label on the bottom.

My analog Canon ESO100 lasted for 20 years, not a single technical glitch.

ferhad says:

most Canon cameras no longer made in Japan.


I have tasted in KL Robert Kwok’s Italian bread Massimo – way tastier and cheaper than Bernas’s Gardenia !

I hope vendors in Johor supplying Massimo instead of cronies-infected Gardenia.

what say u ??

nkkhoo says:

I ate Hainan bread only, none of these companies supplies Hainan white bread.

songlap says:

Gardenia is still a crony bread despite its defence via advertisement on newspaper. Avoid it the same way we avoid Petronas and KFC/Pizza Hut.

nkkhoo says:

UMNO will kill off other non-bumi companies to make sure you have no choice. All new Petrol kiosks in my housing area are Petronas.

Venky says:

Those cronies are slowly taking over lucrative business in malaysia. We should boycott them.

Perhaps you can help to list down those companies/brands that are controlled by the cronies:
1) Petronas
2) gardenia
3) KFC/Pizza Hut
4) TMNet

ferhad says:

we should boycott crony products to support 1malaysia effort.

Gardenia’s damage control is so insincere.

Venky says:

Buy your bookds from Popular and not MPH which is owned by that Bohkhary chap!

ferhad says:

waiting for massimo to hit johor!

Freddy says:

Massimo bread is now in Johor.
RM2.50 for 400g; RM3.50 for 600g loaf.

Bye bye to Gardenia!

Dr. Dre says:

Can you do a cost comparisons between different internet providers in Bolehland?

By the way, do you boycott Gardenia bread the same way you boycott Petronas?

nkkhoo says:

Only one last-mile fixed line broadband service provider in Malaysia.