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New Year's Eve Celebration is not truly 1Malasysia

At least 95% of crowds in Dataran Merdeka are Malays and Indonesians. Malaysia is a still a nation with segregated communities, they segregated even for celebrating a public function.

Malays are gathered in Dataran Merdeka while Chinese are celebrating new year’s eve in Bukit Binatang. Indians may be gathered in Klang.

BN main achievement in the past 54 years was making Malaysia a nation within a nation, the social function is still clearly divided by racial background.

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Christopher says:

I am an indian. I went for the New Year Eve celebration with my 10 friends. I can say there were all races, but the day we became friends. race, cast, wealth. poverty all was broken into pieces, and we are just friends.

Why la u all, everything also want to see wat wat race was there? You going there for what? Celebrate New Year. Go there with open heart, shake hands with every1, have a gala time, come back, done!

nkkhoo says:

Such pity of self-cheating, say this to UMNO to make you Indian also bumi.

Go forget you are Malaysian Indian and think you are Malaysian to cast your vote for BN.

Don’t come back to complain your children are rejected for a place in university because of your skin color.

Elviah says:

‘Pak kum’ and not ‘ang pow’ were given out at the Perkasa CNY open house. ‘Pak kum’ is for funeral, whilst ‘ang pow’ is for joyous occasions like CNY , weddings and birthdays. How could Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa be ignorant? Haven’t they attended Chinese funerals before or visit Chinese homes celebrating CNY or attend Chinese weddings? He and his committee members in Perkasa would surely have seen banks giving out ‘ang pow’ envelopes when CNY approaches. No, just like the cow head demonstrators who know that the cow is sacred to the Hindus, they did it on purpose. Similar to the 2 non-Christian fellows who went into a church to participate in the Holy Communion and spit out the ‘bread’. Maybe their intent is to incite a violent reaction. The BN govt is not doing anything about these transgressions, but in fact is seen to be abetting them. This reason is enough for the rakyat to make a change of govt come this GE.

niceguy says:

Do people realise that 1st Jan is not a national holiday? And new year day… well, there are other calendars too.

nkkhoo says:

1st Jan is Malaysia national holiday.

niceguy says:

It is a holiday in most states, not the whole nation.

I remembered working on 1st Jan when based in Johor; and going to school in Kedah.

Am a bit puzzle that the school begins on Tuesday and Wednesday this year. Quite difference from the first Sundays and Mondays of the year to begin school during my years…

nkkhoo says:

1 Jan is a holiday day in Johor since I was born. Friday and Saturday used to be holidays in Johor like Kedah.

This 1 Jan is falling on Sunday, and Monday is replacement for new year holiday.

niceguy says:

Really? I checked the official public holidays declared released by the ministry to MEF. 1st Jan is a state holiday in most states except Johor, Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Trengganu.

These states were the five unfederated malay states before Malaysia was formed and were under their own state administrations.

I heard the then Johor MB who changed the weekend to Sunday got lots for flack for doing so, and (unconfirmed rumour) that a cross was planted on his parent grave.

nkkhoo says:

My blunder, you are correct. I was leaving Johor since mid-80s and thought 1 Jan is a nationwide holiday.

Dr. Dre says:

Only the new year’s day on Islamic calendar is the public holiday in these states.

Maharaja Lawak says:

I watched 2012 countdown show on Astro 334 where the China people celebrating new year with international artists like Michale Bolton, Bertie Higgins etc besides wonderful chinese presentations.

I bet Dataran Merdea celebration a bit stale these days !

nkkhoo says:

Dataran Merdeka was also sardin-like packed with people to watch free concert and firework. Hardly you can move around.

Maharaja Lawak says:

hardly move around and beware of pickpockets in action !
why go dataran merdeka if i can watch jom heboh type of concert at home ?

nkkhoo says:

Being a potato box and watch it from the field is very different experience.

Can you shoot firework from your home?

Maharaja Lawak says:

that’s why you need to get a 3D HD LED TV (60″ if possible).

nkkhoo says:

Think and talk like a book worm.

ferhad says:

Smell of sulphur is not good for your health.

songlap says:

Why waste time as it is no different from Jom Heboh.

nkkhoo says:

I went there just to test my new Canon camera for a firework scene.

Mr Santau says:

aiyah, for a tech guy like you why can’t u simulate firework on your pc ?

with canon, take pic of Miss International Tourism and show them on your blog. sure meletup generating traffic & $ for you.

Venky says:

You should have taken fireworks at Singapore Marina Bay on the new year countdown celebration!

ferhad says:

true enough. targeting kampung folks seeking cheap thrills.

i spent my new year cve at night eagle cafe at jln othman in Muar.
nkkhoo should have been there as there were plenty of political talks among many drunkards.

Dr. Dre says:

The Dataran Merdeka celebration is targeted at malays given its malay-centric programs. Chinese prefer to count down to new year with beer in hand, so likely in pubs.