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Raja Petra true color finally reveals to public

I believe (not a fact yet) RM 5 million will able to make Raja Petra a turncoat and pro-BN supporter. He will be welcomed home with red carpet before 13rd general election for him to attack PR and anyone against BN.

This idiot thinks he is a semi-God who always attacked and insulted Malaysian Chinese brainlessly.

No doubt, he can criticize Anwar under the spirit of speech freedom, but he came out nothing concrete to support his wild claims except like another empty talker, Mahathir.

Anwar is having fair trial according to Raja Petra, then he should come home to face kangaroo court for his statutory declaration charges.

His blog always seeing praises for him? Do you know why? Because he is like Ng Yen Yen blocks out my comments and ID.

I was the one registered in 1998. He copied my idea later by registered I sold to a lady in July 2008 after 308 political tsunami. It saw 200,000 unique visitors on the 308 historical day!

Only idiots will see this Malay idiot named Raja Petra is a justice fighter nowadays.

Haris Hashim has resigned as President for the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) set up by Raja Petra. Any man with basic principle like Haris Hashim will make the same decision.

Yes, he was a justice fighter before 2010, no more such accolade for him.

What now, RPK?

Translated by DOMINIC LOH
Sin Chew Daily

Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) is back in the scene. Although he fails to move the mountains this time, he has nevertheless managed to create some small talks in town.

Interviewed by the Sunday editions of pro-Umno Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and New Straits Times, RPK hit out straight at Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan, and instantly became the media star of the day.

He said a homosexual could not become Malaysia’s prime minister, adding that he was 90% sure the guy in Datuk T’s video was Anwar Ibrahim.

Coincidentally, a verdict on Anwar’s sodomy case will be delivered in a matter of days, while the general election is around the corner.

The fact that RPK was interviewed by these three newspapers in Singapore gave the whole matter an accentuated dramatic twist.

Many Pakatan supporters and members of the public have long lost their faith in RPK, who on the eve of Sarawak’s state election last April appeared on TV3 and talked of many things that contravened the principles he earlier cherished.

He was defending his own acts and clarifying some things at that time, including the statutory declaration in relation to Altantuya’s murder which he said he made under misguidance.

That could have been an attempt to deliver himself out of the trouble. For a dissident, that was something pathetic, but from the point of a person in exile, his behaviour was nevertheless understandable.

That said, his latest remarks only served to entrench the damage already done to him. By slamming Anwar and the opposition pact, it was evident RPK indeed had his own agenda, especially with the verdict of the sodomy trial just days away.

He said “he was told” that the Selangor state government was as corrupt as its predecessor, although he fell short of providing any evidence to back his claim.

There are two ways one can explain RPK’s bizzare behaviour.

1. He hates Anwar Ibrahim more than anyone else, like a wrestler who would run into the ring and throw out his fists blindly in hope of bringing down his opponent.

2. He wants to come back to this country so much that he would change his old stand in a bid to clear his name and get accepted once again.

Because of the statutory declaration he made with regard to the Altantuya murder, he was summoned by the court but failed to show up. He later left the country in self exile and this won him approval from many sympathisers.

Anwar Ibrahim has remained in the country to face his charges and defend his name. Not RPK.

This alone doesn’t make RPK any more eligible to criticise Anwar.

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Tokobakso says:

he needs money that’s why lor..

Mr Santau says:

For a sum of $, i am sure nkkhoo also will succumb to temptations and forgo moral values.
Imagine the material gained can afford him a super computer of superior quality than Asus.
If nkkhoo has a family, the $ can ensure prosperity for generations to come.
Fact or myth, only nkkhoo himself can assess it.

nkkhoo says:

I will take 5 million, but keep quiet and disappear as a matter of principle.

Venky says:

You are learning fast from Private Inspector Bala!

songlap says:

Everybody has a price according to Umno.
RPK has just demonstrated that.
Money & immunity is too good for him to resist to come home a rich man.

ferhad says:

rpk is from the same kind.

Gerry says:

He need money to sustain his drinking habits in UK.

Maharaja Lawak says:

We don’t need RPK running dog enticed by $ to save his soul & his son.

We need RVP (Robin van Persie) instead !

ferhad says:

RPK is indeed a great hypocrite.