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All are bad apples. How to get rid of them?

Smuggling in Sungai Golok


A friend in kampung who failed to pass SRP got super rich by smuggling Thai rice in Kelantan several years ago. He is driving a Porsche and top model Mercedes-Benz and now is running a healthcare product business in KLCC after washing his dirty hands.

Besides our subsidized goods smuggled out, Thai young girls pay RM50 to enter Malaysia in these Malaysia-Thailand CIQ checkpoints is open secret.

The corruption in Malaysia is from the top to bottom. NST exposure is just touching on small fries, the big sharks were stealing our money [Former DPM, Anwar estimated RM20 billion losses a year!] legally through rent-seeking and RFQ.

Rooting out bad apples


ARRESTING THE PROBLEM: Home Ministry sets up committee to probe corruption claims

IN a swift reaction, the Home Ministry has set up a committee to investigate claims of organised corruption at the country’s border checkpoints. Its secretary-general, Tan Sri Mahmood Adam, however, would not be drawn into discussing details of its investigations following New Straits Times’ expose over the last two days on brazen acts of graft by officers of four enforcement departments, which had elicited strong reactions from all agencies named in the reports.

Also, police have started investigating the involvement of its General Operations Force personnel in the corruption claims.

The expose, backed by video evidence, also implicated the Road Transport Department (RTD), the Customs Department and the Anti-Smuggling Unit.

National Security Council secretary Datuk Mohamed Thajudeen Abdul Wahab, who oversees the Anti-Smuggling Unit, said the action of these enforcement officers, if not curbed, would compromise national security.

Checks at exit points must be stringent, and people should not be allowed to go in and out with ease. “If they can smuggle goods, there is a chance that weapons can be brought in as well,” he said.

Customs deputy director-general (enforcement) Datuk Matrang Suhaili said the border was patrolled by other agencies as well, and thus, it was not fair to single out his department.

“It does not only involve the Customs Department. Maybe these agencies should sit down and think of how to solve this problem,” he said before urging the NST to report the matter with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
Asked how inter-agency cooperation could curb corruptionand smuggling at border checkpoints, Matrang said it would depend on the kind of action taken by the agencies.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha was adamant that the report was “inaccurate”. The RTD comes under the purview of his ministry. The basis of his argument is RTD’s jurisdiction. He said the duty of his men at the stations was merely to issue an International Circulation Permit (ICP) for private vehicles entering Malaysia, which was free of charge.

He added that from time to time, RTD officers would join forces with enforcement officers from the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry in operations to check on petrol smuggling.

The NST was made to understand that the role of RTD at the borders also included checking for overloaded vehicles, which account for the most number of smuggling cases. The NST report said the RTD was believed to have been paid the most by smugglers (between RM100 and RM250.) It also said the officials involved had allegedly, at least over the last three years, been allowing smugglers in and out of the country for payoff of as low as RM10.

Their action had allegedly resulted in hundreds of millions in losses of subsidies and tax revenue for the government. Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob and his ministry have frequently been blamed for shortages of subsidised essential goods, such as cooking oil, petrol, diesel and sugar, which are believed to have been widely smuggled out.

Yesterday, he urged MACC to come down hard on corrupt enforcement officers allegedly working hand in glove with smugglers.

He said although the ministry could not estimate the losses incurred due to smuggling activities, he was concerned by the extent of corrupt practices taking place along the nation’s borders, as revealed by NST in a two-part expose published on Jan 2 and yesterday.

“I hope the MACC conducts a full investigation into this matter. This is something that we cannot compromise on as it is costing the government and the taxpayers.”

Cuepacs president Datuk Omar Osman was a disappointed man on reading the news.

“The union has been fighting to get them better living conditions, including better perks and higher income, over the years.

“It’s like all our efforts mean nothing to them.”

Omar also warned civil servants working at the borders that accepting even an invitation for a “the tarik” session was a form of corruption. Additional reporting by Rozanna Latiff

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Dr. Dre says:

Dis you read on today’s paper one Perak civil servant home was raided and was found to have RM720,000 cash stashed from corruption?

Warga Emas says:

u r @ Datran Merdeka 2 see fireworks.

r u goin to see fireworks @ courthouse car park 109 ?

Mr Santau says:

ok just testing your moral principles.
you passed 1st round of testing to be a “winnable” non-corrupted candidate for a true wakil rakyat of Muar.
from now on, try not to go to karaoke or massage parlours as you may be innocently framed (captured on video & hav to bargain with bn later) which can damage your potential to be a wakil rakyat.

Mr Santau says:

nkkhoo is a true failure because he claimed his friends has gone rich while he’s busy with blog earning peanuts ?

nkkhoo says:

Life is not making money illegally. If my family wanted to make illicit money, the king of Ah long in Johor may be changed hand.

Venky says:

Another example of MACC and PDRM sleeping ont the job.

Sathia says:

Not sleeping, just ‘tutup mata sebelah’!

ferhad says:

Bolehland is a place where illegal gain is the fast track to being rich and famous, so long as you have the political connection with bn, and lucky enough not to be a fall guy like that toyol guy.