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Show me how to do self-inflicted injuries till wheelchaired

Although I am not a first-hand witness, but my logic says you cannot make yourself paralyzed from the ground floor. May be silat exponent like Muhammed Ali Rustam can make himself wheelchaired by throwing himself on the floor like a falling durian.

Who should I believe? The students of course.

Have you watched 6 minute edited video released from Police? It prove nothing unless a full length unedited video is released.

Do you think Police will release video to prove themselves using excessive forces?

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Mr Santau says:

9 January will nkkhoo cover the event live from KL ?

Venky says:

We can expect more drama on 9 January!

Gerry says:

I hope nkkhoo can do live reporting from KL on 9 January.

nkkhoo says:

I keep away from any political rally as a neutral blogger.

Mr Santau says:

Neutral blogger easily tempted by bn carrots – RM5 million sap sap sui according to you help me i help you boss.

so how can nkkhoo helps ? Sabotaj pakatan ?

nkkhoo says:

My BN price tag is not RM5 million. Don’t worry, my bashing on BN will be continued until my value reaches 5 million as RPK.

ferhad says:

Malay students are becoming aware of the dirty tricks of Umno.
More uprising is expected as many malays studying in middle east (on bn scholarship ironicaly) are bringing in the Arab Spring ideology to protest against the corruptd Umno.