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Do you believe the authenticity of lost tapes?


Lost tapes produced by Discovery Channel is my favorite program for its mystical stories on monsters, unknown animals, unknown creatures, unexplained phenomena, etc.

My only question is the authenticity of lost tapes, it may be another Hollywood films to fool audiences.

Besides that, the stories are truly amazing! [another overused English word in 2011].

Don’t simply count out supernormal phenomena which still cannot be explained with the present scientific knowledge like the fourth dimension world.

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Chungying says:

Subconcious messaging are on bn tv programs, especially those before or during chinese news.

nkkhoo says:

We should access to all sources of news, the person itself should use his brain to filter lies and fact twisting.

What the difference between Utusan and Buletin Mutiara? Both are propaganda tools for political parties.

Bala says:

Your brain cannot filter those subconscious messagings. Hitler used it to his advantage and BN is now practicing it with 1messages with the creative help ok limkokwing.

nkkhoo says:

Why Einstein can see through Hitler propaganda? Because he used his brain unlike MCA and DAP machai.

niceguy says:

That looks like the new dragon stamp just released!

Dr. Dre says:

You are contradicting yourself as you have earlier said you do not have a TV set. Perhaps you watch Discovery at mamak shop while dining there?

nkkhoo says:

Watch online from China illegal (it’s legal in China) video websites.

Dr. Dre says:

Just make sure this is not gone to the ears of Mr Rais.

Sathia says:

Another proof that those BN propaganda on RTM and TV3 would not reach the youg generation. Cannot understand why Najib entrust an old man Rais to do the old fashion way.