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Bolehland is so rich to sell subsidized electricity to Singapore

BN government is asking Petronas to subsidize TNB and IPPs with more than RM10 billion in natural gas each year, and now we are so nice until willing to see subsidized electricity to first world Singapore whom GDP is 40,000 USD (compared 7,000 USD in Bolehland).

Can someone tells me how much kickback paid by Lee Hsien Loong to Najib for another Malaysia sell-off scandal?

This is another case of a poor man subsidizing a rich man.

Malaysia offers to sell electricity to Singapore

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia has offered to sell electricity to Singapore as the neighbouring countries explore new areas of opportunities for future collaborations.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he made the proposal to his Singaporean counterpart Lee Hsien Loong during the Malaysia-Singapore Leaders’ Retreat here today.

Describing the meeting as “very productive and fruitful”, Najib said both countries agreed that they should look at additional pathways to enhance bilateral ties.

“On Malaysia’s side, I proposed to Prime Minister Lee on the possibility of Malaysia selling electricity to Singapore, which he warmly welcomed,” he told a joint media conference after a bilateral meeting at his office here today.

Najib said the power supply would be private sector-driven.

Lee said Singapore was very open to the proposal if the terms were right, taking into account matters such as the project’s impact on the environment.

He said his government was preparing a proper framework on the matter.

“Once it’s ready, Malaysian contractors will be invited to participate and bid for the project,” he said.

During the two-hour meeting, Najib said he also proposed to Lee to strengthen aviation and airport collaborations between the Senai International Airport in Johor and Changi International Airport in Singapore.

Najib said Malaysia was also looking forward to expand and deepen bilateral ties with Singapore including in the areas of education, tourism, culture and sports.

Najib and Lee also agreed to cooperate in aligning the radio frequency spectrum plans in both countries for digital broadcast and mobile broadband services.

The alignment will allow both countries to meet growing demand for digital television and mobile broadband, improve regional mobile roaming and provide more competitive mobile broadband services.

They agreed to work towards greater harmonisation of the spectrum in the Asia-Pacific region for digital broadcast and mobile broadband services, according to a joint statement issued by the two countries. — BERNAMA

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Warga Emas says:

Ah Loong treats Iskandar as Spore offshore hinterland. Red dot runs out of manufacturing space so they use Iskandar land as trade-off. The management team will be from more talented Spore team while the cheap labours are foreign labourers employed thry umno’s recruiting agencies. Majority of locals will be bypassed unless they move to Spore to earn PR status then shuttle back forth to work in Iskandar. Make sense ?

nkkhoo says:

Local people except UMNO goons gain nothing from Iskandar zone.

Warga Emas says:

Local people who move south to earn PR do EARN decent living 2.5x more than typical Msian pay.
Spore earns when these “talented” people (many from Johor, nkkhoo’s relatives as well if not) settle well in Spore with their children singing Majulah instead of Negarakuku.
UMNO cronies (MCA included) continues to earn commisions here n there; and send their children to overseas education.

Joseph says:

Malaysians migrated to Singapore along with the recognition of Yee-Sang & Bak Kut Teh as Singapore dish. Next time must pay royalty to Singapore for such dishes!

Sathia says:

Red do got no more space as its citizens have made known in the last election that they are fed up with congestion caused by foreigners in their housing estates, highways, MRT and everywhere competing for their jobs and university places. Iskandar is good for Ah Loong as Malaysians as Spore PRs can stay there and shuttle to work to Red dot daily with Spore registered cars. Ah Loong still get income tax from these flers. Just look at the thousands of dy-trippers to Singapore using Causeway-link buses, they shuttle daily to Red dot to work!

Wah Lau #@*% says:

Heard of that Spore tychoon named Peter ?
He has ventured into healthcare biz in Isandar and heard the royal family got “kam cheng” with him to give the blessings to jointly develop Iskandar.

nkkhoo says:

There are rumors saying a few night clubs in JB are untouchable due to connection with certain powerful family.

Dr. Dre says:

Rumor is actually an euphemism for truth as far as this issue is concerned. That’s why JB is always be considered a sin city with high crime in the eyes of Singaporeans.

Ajai says:

The top floor penthouse of Puteri Pacific hotel in JB is ‘dedicated’ for use by certain untouchables. The police closed both eyes even though they know what is happening there. If only JAIS has control in JB….

Wah Lau #@*% says:

Rumour that Spore PM has that photo linking that Mongol with that so no choice hot to “kow-tow” with demands.
now i am waiting to see which blogger can carry that official news later. must start going south to dig out more truths …….

nkkhoo says:

Money will buy these UMNO politicians with ease.

Johor sultan has the power to declare independence for Johor state if Malaysia Federal government sells Iskandar zone to Singapore, otherwise you may see Iskandar is sold to kiasu for USD30 billion.

Let remember old lee offered to buy Batam Island with USD30 billion before Suharto was stepped down.

Dr. Dre says:

Najib needs the investment from Temasik, else cannot lure other investors to Iskandar.

Singapore knows where to press for advantage.
Can’t say the same for BN.

By the way, have you bought your season ticket to the Johor’s legoland?

nkkhoo says:

Next demand is selling more sand to Singapore.

Singapore reputation as investor is bad also, it has no safe haven to park black money from Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. The money flow into Iskandar actually are black money from Bolehland.

Legoland? Why shall I make UMNO crony richer?

Dr. Dre says:

The dumbness of Bolehland has made Singapore successful.
Dumb to let go good talents while replace with morons.

nkkhoo says:

The ultimate goal is to force out Chinese from Bolehland.