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Learn self-defense martial art may save your life

My friend with only green belt in Tae Kwon Do fought with bare hand against five to six Malay mat rempit who armed with helmets and steel bars. His silly mistake was not running away while fought off those mat rempits. He was beaten till fainted and suffered broken ribs at the end. Mat rempits also not intended to kill him after robbing his money. His life was saved after stayed in the hospital for a week.

The suspect of murder case in Sibu is a small build teenager, 36-year old businessman should be able to overpower him if he did learn some self-defense techniques. I feel sad for the loss of four innocent lives which could be saved if the man is able to defend himself.

As a man, protecting you and your family is the paramount duty, don’t expect police comes to rescue you in such situation.

I faced a similar intrusion when I was in Penang, a Malay teenage boy tried to sneak into my rented home from the roof top. He was caught red-handed by me when one of his legs just crossed the upper floor window. I could push him down to the ground if I wanted to kill him, but I refrained from doing do for racial sensitivity issue and he was also unarmed.

He told me he stayed in a nearby house in the same row. I gave him a stern warning before I let him off.

Instead of being killed, kill the attacker who armed with weapon intruded into your house is allowed under the law.

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Warga Emas says:

social problems will be on the rise with influx of illegal immigrants !
many foreigners now in construction industry have the tools and skills to get into your home. Getting into home via roof tops was a norm for urban robberies during the recession in most housing estates not too long ago.
if you show off your lavish lifestyles like owning expensive cars obviously; you are the esy targets !

nkkhoo says:

That is true. Foreign workers may not the number one criminal yet, but their existence push jobless locals to crime.

Dr. Dre says:

This is happening while we have so many policemen (recruited to counter street rally only?).

nkkhoo says:

The rot is still on corruption, more foreign workers mean more agent fees.

My friend made RM300,000 profit for importing Bangladesh workers. He was forced to accept foreign worker permits as contra because some bumi businessmen owed him debts.

Sathia says:

Nowadays many malaysian youngsters hav violnt tendency.
Blame it on those violent computer games they play from young on PSP, then grow up on online game. Their brains have been rewired, so cannot differentiate between killing in virtual world vs in real world.

nkkhoo says:

That is true.