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There is still integrity in Malaysian court?

A plagiarism does not need the originator to make complaint. Kiasu judge merely stated he did not make complaint does not mean plagiarism did not occur.

Only a small number of judges in the lower and high courts are still having integrity, not so for appeal and supreme courts in the Bolehland.

Ex-S’pore judge denies complaint


PETALING JAYA: There is no cause for a former Singaporean judge to complain about a Malaysian Court of Appeal judge plagiarising parts of his judgement.

A statement issued by the Chief Justice’s special officer Che Wan Zaidi Ibrahim said retired Singaporean judge G.P. Selvam had written in a letter dated Nov 2 last year that he never made a complaint.

“I repeat I did not make a complaint as there was no cause to complain about plagiarism against a Malaysian judge,” he was quoted as saying.

The statement said Selvam had stated this in a letter sent to the office of Chief Justice Tan Sri Arifin Zakaria.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh had demanded for the Court of Appeal judge to resign following allegations of plagiarism.

Last week, Arifin said there was no merit to the claim following an investigation and consultation with the president of the Court of Appeal.

The statement also said Selvam had sent the letter to the office voluntarily.

“The Malaysian judiciary expresses gratitude over Selvam’s gesture in voluntarily providing an explanation.

“Finally, it is hoped that all quarters study both judgments first and refrain from making baseless allegations,” it said.

The statement said the Chief Justice stressed that the integrity and independence of the judiciary must be upheld by all quarters for the sake of justice.

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Sathia says:

One good hakim does not mean to entire judiciary is good.

nkkhoo says:

Good hakim? U must be kidding.

I see this hakim is making tons of ridiculous decision during the proceedings.

Sathia says:

Toyol Salah.
DSAI tak salah.
Najib trying to score point?

nkkhoo says:

DSAI case will dragged on till GE13. This verdict is temporary one to improve Najib’s image.

The bombs shattered his good efforts.

DSAI will be put in jail if BN wins in GE13.

Wah Lau #@*% says:

Get the dirtiest out of the system first. So BN gotta go.
PR no good can get it out later.
Don’t tell me 3rd Force can be the best choice ? 3rd Force can write, whack, talk cock and at the ned of the day nothing happens….

nkkhoo says:

Third forces doe not mean they have to contest in election. They have brain to vote anyone in and out without mercy.

Dr. Dre says:

Agreed. At least can delay the bankruptcy of Bolehland before most of us kick the bucket.

Dr. Dre says:

No need to ask this redundant question.

Integrity can only be restored by voting BN out of office.

nkkhoo says:

The problem is PR is no better than BN in term of integrity.