Terrorism >>>

Who planted the bombs?

Above photos are taken from Sin Chew Daily.


The area was sealed off by police since yesterday and yet still Perkasa managed to plant bombs in the compound.

This is exactly we will see if PR wins in the GE13. Perkasa and Malay radicals will planted bombs every where and then UMNO will declare emergency to take over Malaysia.

Don’t let terrorists take Malaysia in ransom with bombs. All moderate Malaysians reject Perkasa and radicals without fear.

Anwar acquittal is short lived, he will be found guilty in Appeal Court later.

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Sathia says:

A very dispicable act.
Strangely the police had got the place covered for soemtime and could not detect the bomb?

Anyway, all of us must use the ‘right detergent’ to bersihkan Malaysia: