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A whole family graduated from the Royal Military College

The father and three sons from a Chinese family all are enrolled into RMC is a very rare case. My salute to Tan or Chan family, and his youngest son is top achiever in academic and marching.  Mr. Tan himself was a best student for navy cadets and serving as a navy officer now.

The drawback is only 8 Chinese out of 236 students in last batch of cadet officials.

Malaysian Chinese should stop blaming BN government for 3.4% measly percentage in RMC. The military is looking for 30% non-bumi to join RMC, but Chinese and Indian themselves turn down the opportunity.

Military is an institution in Malaysia where race background is less emphasized.

US government used to provide four West Point scholarships worth USD 500,000 each before Mahathir became PM. US government decided to cancel the military aid program in mid-80s because of his anti-semitic and western rhetorics.

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Hasnim says:

I know the father: Chan Peng Cheong from our early days in RMC.
He is known as Laksamana among his chinese friends in his Alor Star hometown.
He is a no-nonsense guy, like to sing John Denver song!

anakmudarmc says:

saya graduan rmc sekarang memjadi analisa ketenteraan perisikan untuk pihak swasta. memang masadepan cerah kiranya berpendidikan di rmc.

saya kenal wargaemas – uncle my friend. Dia bukan orang mca dan ia bermoral tinggi tanpa rasuah.

nkkhoo says:

The way he wrote does not make him a trustworthy man.

Psychologist says:

i know nkkhoo is a nice person.
however, if you just base on his comments on the blog, he appears very obnoxious and psychological appear to have a deprived life hence hate this and that.

nkkhoo says:

There are too many wrong things in Bolehland, not I hate this and that.

Only blinded and vested interested parties are happy with the present corrupt system.


“There are too many wrong things in Bolehland”





nkkhoo says:

This is another stupid argument with personal attack like UMNO people attack against Anwar. This is a common phenomenon in Malay community who always believe in poison letter and personal attack.

Sending more Malays to Mara, RMC and overseas with public funds seems does not improve the maturity, EQ and thinking power level in Malay society.

That is why UMNO was happily to use sodomy I and II for brainwashing Malay grassroots.

Do you know how westerners say about the morality of politician? They are no better than prostitutes.

Neutral voters can change local political landscape by voting with brain.

Learn to write English first, this is another failure of RMC and Mindef who adopted BM after 74.

Peter Lai says:

i think Ramizan offer good advice to you.
As a person who works in hospital, I am equallu concerned about your (nkkhoo) mental health.
You need to be at peace with yourself because seems that you are at odds with many in Malaysia.
Get a punching bag to release your frustrations and a soul mate who can comfort you when you are angry. Being an angry bird only get whacked eventually (have you played the game ?).

nkkhoo says:

The biggest company in Malaysia like Petronas cannot still whack me.

LGE is slowly becoming another North Korea Kim, anyone whack him will be cursed to hell.

PR machai learns from North Korea and China regime to label anyone condemn them as having mental problem.

Look like PR is more evil than BN. Don’t worry, I will not vote PR.

Sathia says:

Some BTN concepts could have infiltrated into nkkhoo’s system during his stint at RMC? Maybe subconsciously?

nkkhoo says:

No all BN policies are bad. Free education, free healthcare, 1Sara, 1Kedai, etc. are good policies for poor people.

I against any corruption, rent seeking and mismanagement in BN and PR governments without fear and favor.

Warga Emas says:

fyi my nephew is with PKR not UMNO. Business is overseas (China) not local cronies linked. His Malay & Indian comrades have global attitudes as they were all attached overseas during their military stint.

nkkhoo, where were you posted during your RMC military stint ?

nkkhoo says:

All attached (trained?) overseas…an outright BS. FYI, a son of Major General had to be trained in local RMC.

Malay and India have good connection with overseas Chinese businessmen, that is another BS.

Psychologist says:

May be he’s refering to Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario not the local one you attended

nkkhoo says:

You know better than him. LOL

You may got chance to study in UK military college if your father is UMNO top leader or royal family.

Sathia says:

Chances for promotion based on merit is so low.
Such ‘success story’ is too few in between.
If you have good knowledge of probability in Secondary school maths, you will not take the chance (or rather risk) as the opportunity cost is too high.

nkkhoo says:

Promotion in the private companies also not purely on merit. You have to polish right persons and choice the right faction.

niceguy says:

Good post. More non-bumi should join the military, and especially the police. Hat’s off to the Tan family.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. The colonials succeeded in gangpressing the Chinese community into joining the Special Branch to combat Chin Peng.

Warga Emas says:

“40%” on the fence (pagar) voters like you; the self-claimed 3rd Force; shall chnge the mindsets of young generations to care more about liberty, democracy, fairness, non-apartheid thinking etc.

By the way, my nephew graduated from RMC in 1985 and with his social contcts (mostly Malay comrades now in corporate world) able to live decently without having to publicise his anger towards establishment BUT to vote according to his clear & silent conscience.

nkkhoo says:

You should proud with your nephew who lived like UMNO people. I could get business without open tender from the Mindef, but I declined to be a thief like your nephew.

MCA is your natural choice for you to live like UMNO people. People like you have no morality to take about fairness, democracy, apartheid, etc. with younger generations.

If you want to get rich, it’s better to join police. A friend who works as a police officer in the anti-narcotic department can buy land for his family.

Warga Emas says:

Blame chinese parents for not encouraging their sons to join RMC ?

The fact is now many of those enrolled chinese get to become the top leader in Msian military after graduation (on merit) ? Better join MCA to reap monetary rewards without having to go thru gruesome grilling during phyical training at RMC !

The only benefit may be is to become a social blogger upon rmc graduation.

nkkhoo says:

Malaysian Chinese born before 70s like you generally are money face, kiasi and kopitiam complaint king.

Luckily, Bersih 2.O has proven Malaysian Chinese younger generations (below 40) are unlike their parents and grandparents.

Many Chinese think are very smart and must be promoted to top positions whether in the public and private sectors, otherwise they are discriminated and unfairly treated.