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“Poke-eye” English is in every tourist spot under the care of tourism ministry

Your eyes will be poked out if you read those English signboards from Ng Yen Yen’s tourism ministry in tourist spots.

This is just an example I took when I visited Bukit Kepong police museum several years ago. They have problem to translate Malay description with proper English. Hire a professional English translator does not cost RM 1.8 million as Ng Yen Yen’s facebook.

Mindef staff have to rely on Google translator is another sign of English standard in Bolehland is as bad as Chinglish commonly seen in China.


The Bukit Kepong Police Station in Muar replaces the original that was destroyed in an attack by communist terrorists in February 1950. About 180 gunmen surrounded the building and killed 17 policeman. They then torched the building and living quarters nearby. Two women and several children died in the blaze. The policemen who died were buried at the Bukit Kepong Islamic cemetery.

Another “poke-eye” English signboard in Melaka Botanical Gardens.

Mindef blames Google Translate for ‘poke-eye’ blunder


RAWANG: The Defence Ministry had relied on the free online Google Translate for the English version of its official website, which resulted in the many mistakes found on the site.

“We have corrected the mistakes and translations are no longer done that way. “It is now done manually,” Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said here yesterday.

He admitted that the inaccurate translations had caused much embarrassment to the ministry.

It was recently reported in The Star that amusing translations of the staff dress code on the ministry’s official website were being shared on social networking websites.

The ministry’s website had published translations such as “clothes that poke eye”, a literal translation of pakaian yang menjolok mata, which in actual fact means revealing clothes in Bahasa Malaysia.

Others included “collared shirts and tight Malay civet berbutang three”, which, in Malay, is berkolar baju Melayu cekak musang berbutang tiga.

Another was the brief summary of the ministry’s history on the website, which read: “After the withdrawal of British army, the Malaysian Government take drastic measures to increase the level of any national security threat”.

The ministry took down its English translated version several hours after it went viral on Twitter and Facebook.

In an immediate response, a ministry spokesman had said that a clarification had been posted on the website, saying that corrective action was being taken to ensure that the translations were accurate.

“We did not intend for the English translations to turn out that way,” said Dr Zahid during a visit to the National Service camp here.

However, a check on the website showed that the English translations were still unavailable.

The comment board with Facebook account.
niceguy says:

LOL. They used Google Translate directly without needing a living (& capable) person in the driver seat. So much faith and trust on a single component… is that military SOP?

nkkhoo says:

Tank should be translated to tangki. Present Defence Minister, Ahmad Zaid was not trained in RMC.

No one is sacked for poke-eye scandal is truly a Bolehland SOP.

Sathia says:

This is what MBMMBI that Muhyiddin is championing.

MBM resulting in poking eye English!

Sathia says:

This glaring and idiotic error in translation and the equally idiotic and pathetic attempt to blame it on to Google Translate reflects the extremely rotten standard of our public service and the elected Umno ministers.

For this, Malaysians have to thank Dr Mahathir Mohamad who destroyed several of Malaysia’s excellent institutions including the education system. We now have a lot of third-rate teachers who produce a large number of third-rate useless and unemployable graduates.

The corrupt and incompetent Umno leadership then creates a lot of unnecessary jobs for these useless people so as to provide them with a means of earning a livelihood.

Umno then hopes that these people will then vote for them during the elections and help them to win the elections so that they can continue to plunder the country.

nkkhoo says:

Malay language policy was implemented by Razak.

Mahathir was more on building a corrupt nation.