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Anwar acquittal is Najib's double face tactic

No doubt, Anwar acquittal is boosting the moral of PR camp, but do neutral voters feel the same.

I say Anwar acquittal is a bad news for PR. Why?

1. Najib is having upper hand on policy roadmap unlike empty tank PR. Anwar acquittal will force PR to compete with BN in term of new policy implementation rather on personal attack campaign.

PR lost its credibility in promise or policy delivery after more than 95% promises given in GE12 are broken.

2. Anwar acquittal has relieved the international pressure on Najib and improved his image greatly.

3. Some Chinese neutral voters may change their bad perception on Najib regime and give him a second chance to push for ETP. 5 to 10% shift to BN side will make DAP in deep water in the urban constituencies.

4. In order to please Malay hardcore and UMNO right wing supporters, UMNO public prosecutor will drag the case to Appeal Court till GE13.

In the end, Najib will still keep 70% Malay votes as usual and another 5-10% non-bumi especially Chinese voters may swing back to BN after Anwar acquittal.

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Sathia says:

With Anwar’s cquital, we can expect Najib continue to launch more 1Malaysia goodies (which actually achieved thru more borrowings to increase our nation’s debt) to win more votes. Latest being Sara 1Malaysia. He is putting the nation into greater danger towards the Greek tragedy?

nkkhoo says:

1Sara is having more impacts than other 1M programs. Where you can 100% safe 3-year ROI business in Bolehland?

It says you must vote BN if you want your money back.

Poor people have no luxury to think about Malaysia in bankruptcy at 10 years later, this is a reality.

Mushi Abdullah says:

Amanah Saham Bumiputera bagi faedah setinggi 8% setiap tahun.
Bolehland boleh export fund managers ke Greece untuk menyelamatkan ekonomi Eropah?