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The declaration of assets comes too late and too little

I will give LGE a thumb up if he did do within six months of forming state government.

The couple’s or partner’s assets are not disclosed is a loophole. I suspect most assets were registered under the partner or couple of excos. LGE is obliged to clear this question mark under his CAT.

Besides, no disclosure on asset transactions after 308 for the excos and their partners. A ton of transactions could happen in last four years.

This exercise is a last minute half-cooked gimmick to cheat Penang and Malaysian voters that PR delivers it promises.

Let learn from this Chinglish slogan, “Empty talk endangers the nation, practical work brings prosperity.”

If you do not understand Google translation, let me translates it for you, “Empty talk is harmful to a nation, and prosperity only achieve with the pragmatic policies.

The declaration of Penang exco members’ assets comes too late and too little.

Penang excos declare assets

GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his state executive councillors have made a public declaration of their assets.

The declarations of Guan Eng, Deputy Chief Ministers I Datuk Mansor Othman and II Dr P. Ramasamy and exco members Chow Kon Yeow, Phee Boon Poh, Lydia Ong, Lim Hock Seng, Wong Hon Wai, Law Choo Kiang, Danny Law and Abdul Malik Abul Kassim as on March 8, 2008 and Dec 31, 2011, were distributed to the media in Komtar yesterday.

According to the declaration, Guan Eng’s investment in Amanah Mutual Bhd showed a slight increase from 112,843 to 124,845 units between March 2008 and the end of last year.

His Public Mutual Fund investment also rose from 10,000 to 25,989 units and his fixed deposit showed a hike from RM245,000 to RM298,785. Other investment of 8,000 units showed no increase from 2008.

Other than this, Guan Eng owns two shoplots in Malacca, one of which is a joint property worth RM435,000 and RM530,000.

He has taken loans amounting to RM650,000 to pay for the units.

Law, who did not own any shares when Pakatan Rakyat took over the state government in 2008, has acquired shares in 12 companies since then.

Among others, he holds 100,000 shares in Ramunia, 100,000 in Poh Kong, 30,000 in Mulpha Int and 20,000 in Faber Group.

Phee has eight properties including jointly-owned land and houses in New Zealand and shares in 23 companies.

Six of the properties and the shares were obtained before he was appointed to the exco.

Dr Ramasamy declared owning a Mercedes 230E and Perodua Kelisa.Abdul Malik does not own any property or shares.

Guan Eng said the state government had proven that it was serious about national integrity by publicly declaring the personal assets of its top officials.

The Chief Minister is expected to launch the online version of the declarations today.

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Pheabus says:

We are still waiting for Shahrizat’s family to declare their assets.
So far 3 condos in Singapore already.

Manja says:

It is appropriately timed. Now those BN flers are in ‘difficult’ situation to declare their assets menjelang PRU13!