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Good to have orange book, but PR is suck in implementation and promise delivery

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Full version of PR orang book can be downloaded here.

I support almost all declarations in the orange book, but these promises are just another empty promises if no timeline and independent audit on its implementation and effectiveness like the declarations made in GE12.

PR is recycled same promises by filling a new bottle with old wine.

PR will blame PLUS agreement signed by BN when it fails to abolish toll as it did on local council election.

Why not PR hires Price Waterhouse to audit how many promises made in GE12 already materialized before making more empty promises in its orange book?

Keeping promise is number one character feature when you are doing business with the Chinese businessmen. No one will trust you again even you only break a single promise with them.

How many promises were broken by PR?

Besides, public project effectiveness and ROI are overlooked by taxpayers and government. I still remember RMC spent a million ringgit to resurface its good condition marching square because finished up annual budget is the goal regardless the resurface project is truly needed or not.

Orange book misses out the number one enemy to non-bumi, NEP and national unity. Does NEP to be abolished or continued under a different name?

Totally no mention on how to protect and preserve vernacular schools and non-Muslim religion interests in the orange book.

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Kumaran says:

NST reports:
RATIONAL thinking, which Islam propounds, has shaped Malays to become progressive, modern and accommodative, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.
Muhyiddin said through the rational-thinking approach, Malay forefathers achieved the country’s independence and created a multiracial political alliance to rule Malaysia.

Whe then NEP is still in practice?

Anon says: