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Kelas Rancangan Khas is for Malays only

A “Kelas Rancangan Khas” in a secondary school @ Sek Men Datuk Muhammad Said in Nilai only accepted Malay students. The reason given by the headmaster is these Malay students scores 7 A1 and assigned by the state education department.

In other word, not a single Chinese or Indian student scored 7 A1 in UPSR in the school.

UMNO has expanded apartheid from Mara colleges and boarding schools to general schools. There is no other better way to pick Malaysians to hate and fight each other with this kind of race-based special class.

Divide and rule is UMNO hidden agenda to control Malaysia as what British did in the past.

Vote BN if you want to have another Lebanon or Sri Lanka. Don’t vote BN does not mean you must vote PR.

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Ayah Sedih says:

Ha…ha…ha… only 10% different. any way we want to see some changes bro. 70% and 80% is only wayang. they want to collect money first and vote second. Santa Clous in the town

Ayah Sedih says:

You please don’t look down on Indians ok. I know well that Indian is most supportive when come to decision making. We Indian’s know well that the Govt is playing a smart game. The MIC is gone and all the Indian’s will will support opposition at least 80%. Mark my word. This election most of the MP’s and ADUN will run without pants. For the BR1M most of the Chinese business people are quin and I am worried that they will support the most.What ever it is I want everybody to CHANGE THE GOVT….

nkkhoo says:

Let bet RM 1 to see my prediction or yours is correct in the GE13.

My prediction is >70% Indians support BN

Your prediction is >80% Indian support PR.

Ayah Sedih says:

Indian have to wake up and don’t listen to stupid MIC for the chicken fed money. If they vote for BN now, they have to suffer for the next five years and nobody will listen to their plight. Show them that Indian cannot be BOUGHT overnight. The rulling party have 1001 kind of tactics to win the election but we must get together to support opposition to capture Putra Jaya.

raj says:

Indians thought they can be the kingmaker in the coming GE. If so, they should not trade their votes for instant goodies from BN knowing that GST and other form of barang naik like electricity and water tariff will wipe out any small gain in BR1M.

nkkhoo says:

90% Indians are BN supporters since 1957 and the percentage reduced to 60% in 2008 only.

I believe at least 70% Indians will vote for BN in GE 13.

Ayah Sedih says:

the one supporting umno is mic moroon’s. they are given a pc of bone as a street dog. indian in politic never realize that umno is treating indian like second class citizen whereby indonesian and myanmar muslim given all kind of facility in this country. in my place indonesian claiming as sabahan and operating business and no action. if indian and chinese start business all the town counsel will interfere immediately. as we know indian’s population in malaysia estimated 4.8 to 5.2 mil but the govt statistic show’s indian only 2 mil since 1970’s. none of the indian political mooron’s open their mouth. With this hidden number of indian population they always can put indian quota low in any opportunity.

nkkhoo says:

There are 4.8 to 5.2 million Indians in Malaysia? Unlikely.

If so, there must be a few towns in Malaysia with Indian majority like Chinese in Muar town.

bhaskar says:

DPM said future BR1M could be RM1000 if BN is voted into power. Like that surely most Indians will vote for BN. That is the weakness of Indian community that craves for instant goodies without considering effort to improve their plight. BN capitalized on this all the while. Sad but true as most families in the Indian community will continue to live in poverty.

Ayah Sedih says:

I mean the malays don’t care of their children’s result, the Govt will take care them eventhough they get 1A. they will use our tax money to send them to oversea.I send the other my 3 children to University with my own money and no support from any party.

nkkhoo says:

Chinese have been doing this after NEP. To say all Malays do not care for their children’s result is not true.

UMNO treats Chinese and Indian as second class citizens, foreigners are given more priorities to study in local public universities. Unfortunately most Indians still believe UMNO is their protector.

Ayah Sedih says:

Dear All, we are confident on our children where they can do better then them but they are not thinking like that, they are support by stupid mooron’s. they don’t bother in their children’s future. I have visited so many country’s and the politician are the one bringing the poor people in to this kind of situation. I hope everybody in this country wake up and fight for their right.No political party will support us, what they want is MONEY and TITLE.

nkkhoo says:

I am not get your message.

I do agree all political parties are the same, they only listen to you when they need your vote.

me says:

i don’t think this is happening…in my daughter’s school, there is a qouta for non-bumiputera(not non-muslim)and this is monitored by a committee

nkkhoo says:

The little Napoleon happens in many schools. The original NEP issued in 1971 says the eradication of poverty is applied for all races.

Did UMNO and public servants follow the NEP to help poor non-bumi? My house in new village in 70s is no more than an attap makeshift.

Ayah Sedih says:

Thank you bro… I am very sorry for that…my daughter also top in public speaking competition and other co-co but no place for us. I hope PM, DPM and other racist people to read this. What the head talking the tail is not doing. The head should cut off the tail then we can see harmony and democracy in this country.There are good example where those days Indian’s are top athlete but no recognition, now no Indian’s taking part in any sports in this country. We respect the PM’s SATU Malaysia slogan but the little Nepolean in every corner defaulting the meaning of SATU Malaysia and not respecting this country’s head.

nkkhoo says:

Did you daughter score 7A1 in UPSR? Public speaking and other co-curriculum are not sole criteria in Kelas Rancangan Khas

JH says:

Scoring As is a norm now, thanks to Kelas Rancangan Khas?

Venki says:

I think more people like you should speak up on this matter. My thanks to nkkhoo for providing a platform although he could be at risk under the surveillance of Umno blogger like AKU ANAK MELAYU who have perkasa thinking.

I disagree that Indians are not given credit in sports. Look at Rajagopal the coach of Harimau Malaya who is drawing top salary in the region of RM50,000 min/month.

Entry to local universities (with campus mushrooming every corner of Malaysia) by bumiputera is so simple regardless of academic results. My chinese friends have all enroled their kids to Chinese independent schools as they have options of furthering their studies to Singapore, Taiwan or China to draw top salary. My daughter is now in Primary 4 of SJK (C) and hopefully she has the same options down the road as I doubt the quality of PPTA in Malaysia.

bhaskar says:

Satu Malaysia slogan is no use since we have seen that Najib is too afraid to step on those Little Napoleans including Perkasa for fear of losing malay votes for him to stay as the chief of Umno.

Ayah Sedih says:

betul kata Raja Drift, saya tak racict tapi macam macam berlaku dan semua orang main politik. Anak kita tak berdosa tapi mereka buat dosa apa guna. Suatu hari mereka akan tanggung dosa dari keturunan. saya bayar tax tapi makan wang saya tak dosa, cina jual babi kena tax tapi makan wang mereka tak berdosa. minta masuk MRSM, MATRIX, ASRAMA PENUH semua untuk orang Islam apa kita dapat. Ada kelas rancangan khas itu pun untuk Islam. Kita hanya hidup dalam dunia ini hanya sekali saja, baik kita lakukan amalan yang baik supaya sembayang kita membawa berkat bagi anak anak kita.

nkkhoo says:

Friend, I was a top student in SRP in a rural school, the Malay headmaster never submitted my name to any boarding school because I was a Chinese and my skin is different color with Malay.

I had refused to represent the school in any math and science competition as a protest to UMNO racism.

Venki says:

Ayah how can be sedih when he can buy Amanah Saham Bumiputera (Skim khas for Malays) that generates yearly 8.8% return?

bhaskar says:

I bought Amanah Saham Bank Simpanan Nasional 15 years ago. RM1/unit now only worth RM0.34.
Why should Ayah Sedih be sad when he can make at least yearly 8% on Amanah Saham Bumiputera?

Raja Drift says:

Bukan semua Melayu atau Cina racists.
Tuhan adalah adil untuk semua tak kira siapa sampai dulu.

Ayah Sedih says:

kenapa kita ada double standard, when our malay people going to learn.Anak saya 5A dan dari sekolah ELITE tapi di sekolah menengah tak diberi Kelas Ranchangan Khas. Cikgu memberi macam macam alasan. Pada taklimat pagi Guru Besar cakap satu malaysia, harmony, bersatu dan macam macam lagi lebih dari sepuloh kali tapi pilihan kelas hanya untuk orang melayu sahaja. Apa Kementerian buat dalam hal ini.Nanti jawap kita beri peluang untuk semua bangsa tapi Cina dan India tak ada respond. Lagi pun seorang Ustaz dari sekolah itu beritahu anak saya KRK hanya untuk orang melayu walaupun dapat 1A.
Sampai bila kita nak pilih bulu, Buka minda jangan jadi fanatik.Akhirat nanti kena jawab.

raj says:

Why sedih when you can exercise your vote to make the change of government.



nkkhoo says:

Babi, otak hang kecil sampai tak bisa belajar English.

Jaiho says:

BTN ideology has infiltrated the mind of civil servants.
Recently a teacher in Seremban told chinese students to ‘balik China’ to be prostitutes. Such attitude of teacher is ruining nation building! Yet no punishment from Ministry of Education.

nkkhoo says:

Both students and teacher should be punished.

The Chinese female students disobeyed and made some funny “love making” noises when the teacher instructed them to behave.

Then, the Malay teacher with her deep-rooted subconscious mind scolded these students with racist slur.

Aidil Yunus says:

This is a closedly guarded secret. A secret to the success of many malays students.

Jaiho says:

Don’t forget some lecturers asked for ‘bribe’ to pass the students in exam. A malay undergraduate when interviewed by Astro Awani even mentioned that a lecturer asked for sexual favour in return for passing her in exam. This is happening in IPTA!

Manja says:

As a malay, I am very ashamed of such scheme.
It is an insult to all towering malays.

Wardinia says:

No wonder teh private sector continue to have little faith in malay graduates, however wonderful their results can be.